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The hyena A six year old boy is playing football in his countryside. He is full of joy and happiness

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?The hyena? A six year old boy is playing football in his countryside. He is full of joy and happiness, he can?t speak, he can?t even hear. He is deaf and mute; he had suffered an accident so violent it left him that way. He was really happy although, nothing had changed for him. As he kicks and runs all over he is not aware of the eyes observing him from inside the bushes. Two red eyes full of anger and evilness. He can?t see his mother waving at him to get inside the house? the eyes come out of the bushes in a jump, and started running towards him? He felt two gigantic claws over his shoulder. ...read more.


The animal gave two steps back; he seemed kind of frightened with this move. It got even furious. It disappeared, but could it be over so quickly? His back was hurting so badly, he thought he was going to faint away, as he began to feel dizzy. He looked around, no sing of the animal; anywhere? he dared not to move, dared not even to blink. He stayed like that for almost five seconds, when he decided to run back inside the house, but as he was about to move his feet, he heard strong steps behind him, and a crack. He turned around slowly, holding his breath, trying not to do something stupid, like to run. ...read more.


He fell facedown into the dirt again, tried to scramble to a near tree, but the hyena was jumping over him. In another movement, the animal would probably crash down on him, almost impossible for him to escape. There was blood all over the place. Even though he could hardly breathe, he managed to drag himself near a huge branch which had fallen off a tree and with all the strength he had left, he reach it and stab it right over the hyena back. One time, and then another, he stabbed the animal like six or seven times. The animal fell to the ground and finally died. Running from inside the house came his mother, desperate and crying like never before. She carried him in her arms and took him inside as she called the hospital. The boy?s eyes were completely shocked? ...read more.

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