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The Impact Inspector Goole has on the Birling Household

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M.Gell 14/6/05 The Impact Inspector Goole has on the Birling Household Inspector Goole arrives at the Birling household and introduces himself to Mr. Birling, who is the first person to be persecuted/investigated by the inspector. He starts on the story straight away talking about how a girl has just died in the infirmary by drinking disinfectant shocking the family from the beginning setting them up to tell all they know. He doesn't give a real reason for being there so late at night but he explains that he wants some information from Mr. Birling. The inspector tries to stay away from social niceties like a drink of port or a cigar. Mr. Goole cuts into Mr. Birling's questions not letting him finish constantly keeping to the subject he wishes to talk about. Mr. Birling: "I don't understand why you should come here, Inspector..." Inspector: (cutting through massively) "I've been round to the room she had, and she'd left a letter there and a sort of diary." ...read more.


This presentation helps us get a better grip on the impact of the inspector as we can feel his presence affecting us as well as the Birling family. The stage version seemed different to that of the BBC's as the inspector is of a different character yet a strong impact is created by both. The family doesn't always react well to some of the Inspectors comments or actions for example: Mr. Birling has just explained why he sacked Eva and this conversation follows, Inspector: "Why?" Birling: (surprised) "Did you say 'Why?'?" Inspector: "Yes. Why did you refuse?" Birling: "Well Inspector, I don't see that it's any concern of yours how I choose to run my business. Is it now?" Inspector: "It might be, you know." Birling: "I don't like that tone." The Inspector provokes Birling and makes him feel uneasy slowly leading on to the next story saying how she had nowhere to go. The Inspector is very clever and he is determined to make each character acknowledge their responsibility. ...read more.


The Inspector causes much disruption to the Birling family with a great impact on the family. Mr. Goole keeps the story going introducing new story lines, different threads in the story each with their own amount of impact on each character. It is hard to believe that all the characters bad deeds link in together but the Inspector does say Inspector: "One Eva Smith has gone but there are millions and millions and millions of Eva Smiths and John Smiths still left with us," I believe this is a comment with the most impact on the morality of the story, trying to make the characters realise it isn't just how we treat one person, but every person we come into contact with during our lives. The Inspector creates enough impact to change the way in which most of the characters live their lives. I believe it was a vital change for the Birlings although the rift between the young and the olds values still exist. ...read more.

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