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The Impact Of Fantasy - The World Of Mens Perfume Advertising

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The Impact of Fantasy - The World of Men's Perfume Advertising Advertising is intertwined into our daily lives, we see this every day. There are two main ways of advertising, one of them is to use a vehicle for advertising and the second is just blatant, straightforward advertising. A perfect example of a vehicle for advertising is a football match because if you were to watch a match on television you would see the football players wearing sponsored shirts and shorts. We also see them wearing top brand football boots and this is a way of advertising because when people see top football stars wearing a brand of football boots they would think that, that pair of football boots are the best - the same with the top and shorts, people would see the companies who sponsored the team as a leading brand. A model example of blatant advertising is when for example you were watching a programme on television when the show cuts to an interval, you would see advertisements for a variety of things for example, a Tesco's advertisement announcing a buy one get one half price deal on toilet paper. ...read more.


We worked out how the adverts are successful and how they are made to do this. All of the men's perfume adverts I've looked at had three things in common; firstly there was always a picture of the vial containing the fragrance. Secondly, there was always the name of the brand on the advert. Thirdly there was always a model that was portrayed in some manner and this was connected with the target audience for that particular fragrance. Once I had analyzed each individual advert I had deduced a large amount of information including; what the target audience for each group was, the similarities and the differences. In the first advert I analyzed which was the Prada advert, at first all I saw was that It was an image of a handsome young man lying on a bed of some sort wearing a pair of trousers and an overcoat without any inner layer of clothing, we see the vial of fragrance on the left and below the image we see the label: PRADA. The connotational level reveals everything; the advert is in black and white which gives it a touch of class, it stands out from the normal vibrant adverts that try and catch our attention in newspapers. ...read more.


The man seems to be standing on a hill. The denotation doesn't give us an understanding of the advert but the connotation exposes everything; the advert is in colour although the colour is kind of chalky and the colour used is subdued, the statement "Inspired By Earth And Sky" tells us what the fragrance could smell like, the age group that this is aimed at is less obvious which gives an idea that the target audience is less age dependant than the other two adverts, the models hair longer and more natural, his shoulder and neck seem to grow out of the landscape as if he is part of the earth, we can see his face in the second profile and he seems to be looking up with his eyes closed perhaps smelling the cloud of what seems to be the fragrance because it is the same colour as the name on the vial, the setting is outdoors. The fragrance is associated with the earth, with nature. This advert is much more complex than the other two adverts. In conclusion I would like to say that advertising influences the way everybody lives. The cars we drive, the clothes we wear, and the food we eat are all a result of advertising. ?? ?? ?? ?? Final Draft [ENGLISH MEDIA COURSEWORK] | By 1 ...read more.

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