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'The Importance Of Being Earnest' and the reasons why.

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'The Importance Of Being Earnest' and the reasons why Oscar Wilde, a rich upper-class gentleman wrote the play 'The Importance Of Being Earnest' to try and establish a number of different factors. The play does relate to modern life today, sharing its problems, humour and irony with everyone. It is a respected and studied piece of literature, with very serious morals. The play is filled with wonderful twists and turns. It tells a tale of Jack Worthing and Algernon Moncrieff, who in order to fulfil their wants bend the truth and add excitement into their lives to avoid boredom. Jack invents an imaginary brother, who goes by the name of Earnest, whom he uses to escape the pure and natural surroundings in the country. Algy creates an invalid friend Mr Bunbury who provides a useful excuse to leave the town whenever he feels like it. However, there is trouble when their paths meet and the lies that they tell are really the truth, yet they don't know this until the end of the play. Both fear the loss of their romantic pursuits: Jack of his love, Gwendolen Fairfax and Algernon of his belle Cecily Cardew. The title in itself resembles a number of different points. From simply reading the title it displays a need to be honest and truthful. ...read more.


It is reflected in people's actions throughout the duration of Act1, Act2 and the beginning of Act3. The way Oscar Widle creates characters that lie, don't always care about others, aren't attached to anything, can't take things seriously or when they do have unfaithful and pointless thought's. As the words and name earnest and Ernest are homophones together, you can always look at the meanings of Earnest. The word earnest is a noun and has three meanings * Being serious in mind or intention * Characterised by sincerity of intentions * Demanding or receiving serious attentions The noun Earnest can be described with a list of other words * Assiduous * Committed * Truthful * Honest * Dedicated * Devoted * Determined * Hard-working * Involved * Grave * Heartfelt * Sincere * Thoughtful In general a lesson learnt by all of us throughout our lives is that to achieve the greatness, you have to be honest, determined and try your hardest. More than often lying gets people into trouble. This play shows us an exception to that rule where the lie was really the truth so everything Jack told throughout the play was mainly the truth and "All's well that ends well", as they say! Jack and Algernon prove that it is important to be earnest but if they weren't earnest they wouldn't be getting married. ...read more.


Their priorities aren't quite in the right order so they aren't very earnest. Coming back to the point of what Oscar wanted to achieve with his play, he wanted to explain the reasons why it is important to and not to be earnest, why Ernest is such a nice name, with vibrations, ridiculing the upper classes and their views on society. There is one last point that is one of Oscar Wilde's techniques in achieving all these points and that is 'one-dimensional' characters. None of the characters in the play are three-dimensional. A three-dimensional person is somebody who evolves throughout life. When they listen to somebody, they take in what they have said and think about it. They learn lessons and their views (like anybody in real life would) change or develop. These are the sort of people we see in everyday life there is a high chance that you are one, I know I am a three-dimensional person. Jack may be two people and have two names, or two houses but his views on life are stuck rigid and he never changes throughout the play. He doesn't evolves or listen to people he is purely a fictional character. We do see a hint of him learning something new and that is "The Vital Importance Of Being Earnest." Rhianna Ingram 10Y English The Importance Of Being Earnest ...read more.

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