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The importance of the Witches in Macbeth

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The importance of the Witches in Macbeth The witches in Macbeth are very important to the story and they develop aspects of the play. The witches' actions add a force of evil to the play, dancing around the cauldron and chanting 'Double, double'. Their appearance as 'dark hags' adds to the play. The opening scene grabs the audience's attention immediately. The words create an atmosphere and tell the audience what is happening. Macbeth is a play that contains numerous references to night and to darkness, this creates the atmosphere of growing evil that reflects the plot. The three witches in Macbeth are introduced at the very beginning of the play in Act 1 Scene 1. By introducing them at this time, it gives an overall feel to the play of evil and the atmosphere of the supernatural. It is in this time of thunder and rain that they tell Macbeth three predictions, which is one of the most important parts of the play. In Act 1 Scene 1, we come across the witches. As this scene is very brief, it leaves the audience wondering what part they have to play in the play and also what will happen when they meet Macbeth. In line 12 the witches say 'Fair is foul, and foul is fair, Hover through the fog and filthy air'. ...read more.


Banquo takes the path that Macbeth chose not to take, the path in which ambition would not lead to betrayal and murder. He does not decide to murder Macbeth to ensure that his sons will become heir to the throne. He lets nature take its cause. This strongly gives evidence that Macbeth is not under some kind of spell forcing him into killing, and that he is responsible for his own actions. In Act 4 Scene 1 it starts with the witches, creating a spell. After Macbeth has killed Duncan and Banquo (Macbeth still felt insecure about his position on the throne, he decides to kill Banquo and his sons), Macbeth wants to return to the witches to find out his fate, in order to see what actions he should take. Macbeth behaves as if he commands the witches and thinks he's in control. This shows that maybe the witches did have a great influence on his actions as he returns to them for what he should do next. Macbeth has many mixed emotions. He has many fears as he knows what he has done in terms of the murders and he knows he can trust no one he has isolated himself, even, from Lady Macbeth. He comes to the witches for answers, which he relies upon to comfort him. ...read more.


Even though he knows he will be killed by Macduff, he dies fighting If it were not for the witches in the play we would never come to these conclusions about Macbeth and whether or not if the suggestion that the witches have an influence over Macbeth and his actions. They can not control his destiny, only Macbeth can do this, everyone is responsible for their own actions. The person who is mostly responsible for Duncan's death and Macbeth's downfall is Macbeth. Banquo wasn't influenced by the witches, however Macbeth was. There had to be some desire to be King inside Macbeth for him to kill. All the witches and Lady Macbeth did was lead him and make him realise his true potential. However even the witches didn't do that they just said that he would be king and not how he was actually going to become king. He took his own actions. It lead me to think about who actually is the evil part, is it the witches who seem to bring the idea of Macbeth, by becoming king, or is it really the person who carries out murder? Macbeth chooses to gamble and when he does this it is only him who chooses to lose what he had. Macbeth is the one who made the decisions to carry out his actions. He made these final decisions and continued with the killing of people to gain power. By Lizzie Baker ...read more.

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