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The Knoll

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The Knoll He was sitting there in the midst of the darkness, keeping an observant eye on his watch. He knew the minute the big hand hit five it would all begin. He was very composed and new what he had to do. In the distance he could see the silhouette of the house and the trees dancing alongside it. The crisp winter's wind was blowing right through his thick sleek trench coat. His long slender fingers curled around the rifle trigger one by one; ensuring he had the future target in position. He placed the rifle back down on the tripod and examined his surroundings. The rustic house was very old with Tudor beams running through it, making the entire building feel cold and deserted. It was surrounded by tall overgrown cedar trees. They shaded the building, leaving elegant shadows draped down the walls. ...read more.


He did not move because he would give away his position, so he sat there waiting for the smoke to disappear. He was becoming very anxious, what if the victim disappeared, and all these thoughts were rushing through his head. He was trying so hard to focus on the victim, but the thick musky over-powering smoke would not clear. The assassin was ready to go; he got up, holding the rifle in his hands, making sure he did not stand on any of the broken glass or any of the leaves. Ensuring he was not able to be seen from the house he occasionally stopped and positioned himself to find the perfect area. Now on a flat area of land halfway down the knoll, he setup the tripod and placed the rifle down. Waiting patiently for his victim to come into view he adjusted his glasses and lifted his tartan flat-cap up. ...read more.


He thought if he rang the victim then he knew she would be in a certain spot and would not move. Dialling the number, he was ready to shoot. The victim walked towards the phone, the assassin was watching every move. The ringing stopped and then there was a silence, then suddenly a whizzing noise and a bang. The assassin was shot dead. He lay there on the floor with an accurate gaping circular wound between his flawlessly shaped eyebrows. He had been shot stone dead; there was no one in sight. The trees were blowing in the wind and sky was beginning to open. A droplet of rain fell on his face; it rolled down his lifeless cheek and exploded as it hit the fall. The intended victim walked back to the other room and closed the curtains. Feeling fully content with herself, she sat back in her chair rocking backwards and forwards. The trees were still making shadows alongside the house, which now looked even more sinister than before. ...read more.

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