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The Legend Of Hell House

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The Legend Of Hell House Chapter 1: The initiation No-one knew, when these events occurred, that it was the start of a dark and terrifying tale....... Two headlights were being seen in the distant fog up-ahead, the engine of a sports car was being heard roaring along a winding road. A gang of 13 teenagers heard the sound as they stood at the rusty gates which was the sinister bulk of a derelict-looking mansion. The car doors opened to the sound of music bellowing around the area, three teenagers stepped out of the car, they looked around but all they could see was fog and distant voices calling there names. "Where are we?" Uttered Steve, "This is where we were called to meet the other members of the group," whispered Mark. A bright flame was being seen up-ahead, "welcome to the party" Shouted one of the gang members. "I heard that you wanted to join our cult" "Well, we do but if it is too much trouble we will just leave you in peace" said Steve in a terrified voice. "Wait a second, you can't leave.....The initiation begins as you three, our newest members are going to practise our initiation rights right here in this mansion, all you have to do is spend one night in that house, there ...read more.


Mark looked down at the hole and there appeared to be stairs. Mark did not want to go down there until he had found some candles so mark turned around and realised that there was still another book to be opened so he sat down reached over to grab the book, Mark then proceeded to open the book and he started to read it, the handwriting seemed to be that of a young teenage girl, maybe thirteen, fourteen. Mark continued to read the book, it appeared to be a Diary of the little girl in the painting but much, much older, as mark read through the diary he found out that the father he had seen in the painting was the builder of this house, the house was meant to be inhabited by Queen Victoria herself, although the house was not finished the family stayed there until it was finished, nearing completion the builder grew more and more confined to his room, never coming out for food or anything to do with his family, one day the girl came home from school the father had killed her family...........That was her last entry, Mark thought that she must still be hiding within this house so mark closed the book and he used his lighter that he had in his pocket and went into the painting. ...read more.


Chapter 4: The heart of Hell House: The monster, as it lunged forward, it let out the most horrific scream ever known, as the two ran for the door the monster slashed Stevens chest and stomach, tearing and ripping at his flesh from his arm. Tears were now running down his cheek, the monster looked at them both with blood dripping from his mouth, Steven slumped into a heap on the floor, the monster lunged for Mark but mark fought off the monster with the sword and slit its throat. The monster screamed as blood gushed from his neck and fell down the spiral staircase " that was Joshua, bellowed Steven, he wants revenge for the cruel acts set upon him," blood slid down his face and mouth. Mark cried and went out of the house and towards the gate, he used the sword to open the gates and walked into the fog, a devilish laugh could be heard from hell house, a black shadow was seen on the front door with a head grasped in its arm, people say that they can still hear cries coming from the basement, the heart of hell house, residents say that hell house was born bad, that it has always stood for 90 years and maybe even 90 more and that everyone who walks among the floors of hell house, walk alone. The Legend of Hell House, By Steven Pitt ...read more.

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