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The long lost diary of the mummy

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The long lost diary of the mummy "Welcome to San Francisco," the tour guide, said with a smirk her blond hair glowing in the sun. Her voice echoed in the marble lobby of the tall office building. "This is the famous pyramid building the city's most famous sky scraper." "When do we get to see the mummy?" My four-year-old sister whines at my side. I cringed and squeezed my sister Pr�tte's hand. I wished I didn't have to drag her around. Although after all it was my duty to take care of her during family vacations. Oh, well, I think. Who cares? This is going to be the greatest vacation ever. My family and me are staying in a hotel in down town San Francisco. I have a view of the whole city from my window including the tall spindly pyramid just a few blocks away. And this month there is a display of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the lobby. Including a real life mummy! I can't wait to check it out! "I want the mummy! I want the mummy! I want the mummy!!" Pr�tte whines again. "I want my mummy! I want my mummy! I want my mummy!!" my older brother Tony chants, imitating Pr�tte's babyish voice I laugh at Tony joke. Then I whisper to Pr�tte "we'll see it as soon as that tour group get out of the way." I peered through the crowd at the mummy in the glass case. Wait a second did that mummy just moving. My heart starts to pound. It can't be it just can't be. Mummies can't move they are supposed to be dead. Although it wasn't so convincing that the mummy was alive or even moving for some unexpected reason, I knew the mummy did move in my heart. I knew that what ever happened I did see the mummy move its arm towards me. ...read more.


He loves this kind of thing. With the light from the bathroom, I could see diary lying on top of my sleeping bag. The diary is right where I left it. Except... I didn't leave it lying open, did I? I rush over and pick up the ancient book. Someone has just written in the diary, as well as that the ink was still wet! "Some thing really freaky is going on." I say trembling; I sit beside Tony on the sleeping bag I read the new entry out loud: "I have waited forty centuries for this night. The night when the stars are once again just as they were on the night of my birth. The night I can return to life! But now it is not to be. Why? I was too eager. I tried the spell too soon & the diary has fallen from my hands!" "I knew it!" I whispered to Tony. "I knew I saw his arm move. That's when he dropped the diary." I went back to reading: "And now my diary has been stolen. My LIFE has been stolen! I must take revenge on the one who steals my magic. Perhaps DESTROY the thief!" Revenge. Destroy! The words are horrible. They jumped out at me from the page, a terrifying warning. Tony let out a low whistle. " But how did he write that?" he asks. "How did he get in here?" I remembered what I had read earlier. "He-he wrote it with his mind," I explained. Tony's eyes widened. "But how-". A knock at the door cuts him off. Who's there? I clutch Tony's hand. "Don't answer it!" I whispered. Tony stared at me. "But it might be room service," he protests. "Room service? Now?" I glance at the clock. It's one a.m. "Yeah.We ordered food three hours ago, but it never came. Maybe that's it now." " Or may be It's the mummy," I argue. " Only one way to find out," Tony told me. ...read more.


Then suddenly I felt someone tapping on my back. "Thank you," said a gentle voice from behind me softly. I whirled around to find a short, tan-skinned young man standing behind me. He wore an ancient-looking robe, trimmed in purple and gold. On his neck I saw a birthmark shaped like a question mark. The birthmark that frightened his people, just as it said in the diary. "Are you-were you-the mummy?" I asked him. "I am the last great king of Egypt," he said, smiling shyly. "Thank you for giving me my life." Then before I could ask him anything else, he turned and vanished into thin air. "Wait!" I called out. "Come back!" And then I saw him again. At the base of the tower, far below. How did he get there so quickly? I wondered. He strolled out into the night. I watched as his brightly coloured robe disappeared into the fog. For a while I just stared after him into the darkness. Then I noticed Tony on his knees a few feet away from me. "What happened?" Tony moaned. "I feel so dizzy." "What happened?" I repeated. "I think we just brought a mummy back to life!" I helped him up. Then Tony and me gazed at each other for a while. My hands, my arms, my faces. They're all normal again! No more mummy skin. No more empty eye sockets. Just two normal kids-on top of Coit Tower. It took some quick thinking, but finally us two found our way back to the hotel. Without getting caught. Our parents would never know that we were ever gone. Before I went to sleep, there was one last thing I had to do. Tony and me hurried over to the Pyramid Building and sneak into the lobby. I had to find out! Is the mummy still on display? "Tony!" I cried, as soon as I stepped inside. "Look!" The entire lobby was empty. There is no mummy case. No Egyptian display. Everything-every scrap of evidence that the mummy was there-was gone. As if it had never been there... 1 ...read more.

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