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"The Lottery" - Write a new ending for the story.

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"The Lottery" Shirley Jackson Write a new ending for the story AFRICIUS C.M TAN Mrs. Tara Ley Period: 1 ENGOAc. 05 Jason lay on the wet grass beside Angel Creek. His feet cold and he was sleeping peacefully like a baby in a cradle. The moon hovered above the running stream, casting a magical wavery image on the water. As the wind blew, dark conspicuous clouds moved quickly across the sky. It hindered the bright, illuminated moon showing every holes and craters on the surface and consumed every light source and its remains. The clouds moved swiftly across the dark sky with its unbridled force as if it was fleeing from some danger, sending yet another gush of cold wind towards the creek. The willows swayed violently with its long leafy 'tentacles', deceptively reaching out to grip Jason. Jason stirred fitfully, overwhelmed by the surroundings of howling winds and huge, monstrous trees which seems to entangle him with their curly vines. He took a few steps back and peered through the darkness around him. He was in a graveyard, he reassured himself. A flurry of wind sent a body of dead leaves towards him as he fought against the gale, trying to shove his way through. ...read more.


The 'ghost' was Jason's grandmother, Rose. She wore a thin white gown with flax linen covering her silky white skin and showing only her pale face, expressionless. Within a second, Jason and his grandma embraced warmly as her old wrinkled fingers running down Jason's brown hair. "You are safe, my boy" Rose replied, touching every inch and features of Jason's face as droplets of tears began to form in her eyes. "I missed you so much" she replied. But this time her voice was clear and gentle, full of affection and for the first time in Jason's life, he felt loved again. As all the touching and hugging dissipated, Rose began saying "it was so nice to see you both again. I thought I would never see you again, Jason. You must be shocked and furious by the lottery yesterday and I do not blame you". She continued "remember that day you first visited me, I have not seen you for twenty years. That moment was the happiest moment of my life. I knew you had came back to seek the truth about your mother's death and I did not tell you the complete truth that day". At once, Jason's eyes and fingers began to titillate in respond, staring affectionless in Rose's eyes as she continued. ...read more.


The actual history was long forgotten". Her voice flailed off slowly. "What you had seen yesterday, was merely just a celebration of peace and happiness". She laughed wickedly, with a suave smile across her face. Jason's eyes furrowed. He cited conspiracy. When he was about to demand an explanation towards his grandma's awkward ending, a large rock hit hard on Jason's forehead. The pain was excruciating. Jason tried to balance himself up but was being hit hard again by another big rock on his face. This time, rocks and stones were being thrown from all direction, slowly debilitating him. The last 'opal' like stone struck his neck, sending him into unconsciousness. Jason laid there on the ground, motionless. "Let buried him and get over and done with" a man at the dispersing crowd shouted. During the painful event a few hours ago, Felice and Rose participated in it, hurling big rocks at him despite the fact that one was his girlfriend and the other was his grandmother. This was the first time in history whereby the lottery was not properly performed on the actual date and only sent Jason into semi-unconsciousness. That night as the wind blew again, a hand protruded out beside Angel Creek. Slowly and painfully, a body emerged from the ground and walked the graveyard like a zombie. He will be seeking revenge and death... ...read more.

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