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The Lurking Shadows

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´╗┐By :Xeneb Shah Year :10 C The Lurking Shadows To some the forest was nothing than a deceptive path to mischief and troubles. Only a few had ever dared to embark on that adventurous journey. As the years went by the rumours started to become more and more distorted. Then it became just a mere folk tale. However to one young little girl the woods were never dangerous but full of wonders, friends and creatures. It was her own wonderland. Those beautiful flowers who would dance with the ever changing rhythm of the wind. It was always spring there. Spring that personifies happiness and happiness that symbolises her life up until now. For her life revolved around the forest, the forest- an embodiment of everything that is beautiful. The woodland was majestic. The tall trees stood high like a crowd of vivid green umbrellas. They were stretched as far as the eye could see. The emerald green leaves were swaying to the rhythm of the cold summer breeze. ...read more.


towering her but she soon realised it was just a thin tree bending to close to the path .In fact she was surrounded by the bleached skeleton of dead trees. The branches of the aged trees had sharp pointy tips like finger nails all pointing towards her. The dark shadows of the numerous bulky trees seemed to shape up the forest. All of a sudden something with black dark flaps came rushing towards her startling her into shock and fear. Her heart started pounding in her chest and her eyes were round with terror. It was only an owl sitting on the highest branch of a barren tree. It was cooing in a strange rhythm. It almost sounded like it was warning others of her humble presence in that jungle. A wolf was howling in the background, panic started bubbling in her throat as she thought of the various ways she could escape but she found none. ...read more.


When she was about to go back to sleep ,she heard a dull howling sound in the shadows .Since she was quiet dizzy she hardly noticed it and stood up to switch off her night lamp. She accidentally stepped on her beautiful crimson cloak. It was tattered, been shred to pieces. She didn?t know what to think of this strange sight when suddenly it all came back to her how she had gone to the woods, the wolf, and all those thoughts came back. She could see a faint shadow behind her floral patterned curtain..Thinking it was her mother waiting for her she started walking towards it .Until she got close enough to see it wasn?t her loving mother.It was some kind of hideous creature .She let out one final spine chilling scream and it was all over ?.. A few hours later the young child?s mother stood in her daughter?s bedroom and all she saw was the body of her frail weak child covered in a pool of blood. She could only scream in horror. ...read more.

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