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The Machine Gunners Part Two - Wolf Invasion

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The Machine Gunners Part Two Wolf Invasion 'Come back alive major, you are our best pilot. Do Germany proud'. Hitler saluted General Wolf Schmidt. 'Yes sir. Those British dogs will never know what hit them. They will pay for not accepting Nazi rule'. Wolf came from a wealthy family from Berlin. His dad owned a really important wine company. Wolf was bought up like a stubborn rich kid. He had graduated from Witshaufen Cadet School (one of the toughest army training schools in the world). He was also the best pupil in the history of the school. At the school, he never messed around with 'riff raff'. He never went back home after that. He stayed and became one of the soldiers at the school, as it also was a military base. He was always either training or was out on a mission. The general's reaction time was amazing. It was beyond normal human levels. Wolf also had a wife and a kid. He didn't really care too much about his wife but thought the world of his son (he is his only weakness). To him his wife was only there to produce him a male heir to all his money and land (kind of like in medieval times). His son's heart wasn't stained with blood as his was. He was a sweet little boy and Wolf kept him away from the army and any type of fighting. He never really saw much of him anyway, enough to have the kid's respect though. Hitler and Wolf were like brothers. They both felt the same way about people. They both had the same ideas and they both wanted power. 'So long my friend'. Wolf ran to his fighter and climbed in. There were seven planes in the squadron (one person per plane) and wolf was squadron leader. His squadron also was fresh from the military school and this was their first proper mission. ...read more.


First I have to make peace with them. 'My name is Wolf. Wolf Schmidt. I come from Germany. My plane exploded a little while ago and I have been living in field since. I wish to get back to Germany but do not know how. Please help me' I told them after my soup was finished. 'We shall have to think about that. Until then you cannot leave our fortress' Chas said. 'My name is Chas. This is Audrey' he pointed at the girl. 'And those four are Nicky, Clogger, Cem and Carrots. I will leave you to guess which one is which'. 'What are we going to do with him' Cem said. Cem looked like a lanky boy. Being with the crowd he was with he was more than a lanky boy. As long as this gang were together and as long as they had the machine gun and the fortress it looks like they could do what ever they please. 'We cannot let him go. He might tell someone about Fortress Capereto' Carrots continued. 'But how can we keep him here? What if he outsmarts us? If he catches us off guard who knows what he will do' Audrey explained. I could tell that her boyish personality was in control now. 'I shall do nothing of that sort. I am your prisoner now. It is all in the Geneva Convention' I told them. Little did they know that that was exactly what I was going to do? I had to get rid of Chas and Clogger, without them the group would fall to pieces and then I could do what I want to them. For the next couple of hours I told them about my life. I didn't tell them too much, just enough to let them know I was a good soldier. I never told them how good I was. I never managed to finish the story of my life, so I told them I'd finish it tomorrow. ...read more.


It's that simple. Little did I know that this was going to be the biggest mistake I have ever made. As usual I woke up before Nicky. I woke him and told him that I was going for a walk and that I would be back in an hour. Then I went to my weapons base and took a mine. This is it, I thought. I am about to become a hero. The man who took out the British single-handed. There was one bad thing I never noticed, Nicky was watching. I quickly ran towards the town hall where Churchill was going. I planted a mine right in his parking space. The crowds were gathering so it was unlikely that I was seen. After that I went home and got Nicky. His face was whiter than usual. 'Are you ok, son?' 'Yeah I'm fine. Let's go dad' he replied. Too bad I was too excited. Otherwise I would have known that he knew. 'There's Winston Churchill's car Nicky. Let's wave and say hi' I told him. He wasn't in the mood to. 'I know dad. Bye bye. I'll wait for you on the other side' he told me. What was he doing? S***! He was running towards the mine. It was all over. Nicky died a hero and a martyr, dying to save the country that he lived in. He was always remembered in England. They even named that day after. Wolf was in so much grief. He even handed himself in. Wolf was transported back to Germany. He was dying to see Ralph but when he saw him he grew even sadder. Ralph wanted nothing to do with him. General Wolf Schmidt later died of grief. That was the story of some of the bravest people ever to walk this planet. It is still remembered by all the family and friends of the story. Word count: 4788 words 9th July 01 8/EN3 Anuj Khamar This story has been fully translated into English This story is only fiction and has never occurred in real life Page ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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