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The Main DifferenceBetween Dickens's Short Story "A Confession Found In A Prison In The Time of Charles II" And Alan Bennett's Monologue "The Outside Dog", is the Presentation Of Characters. How Far And To What Extent Do You Agree With This?

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IT HAS BEEN SAID THAT THE MAIN DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DICKENS'S SHORT STORY "A CONFESSION FOUND IN A PRISON IN THE TIME OF CHARLES II" AND ALAN BENNETT'S MONOLOGUE "THE OUTSIDE DOG", IS THE PRESENTATION OF CHARACTERS. HOW FAR AND TO WHAT EXTENT DO YOU AGREE WITH THIS? The two story's that I will be studying are as follows; "A Confession Found in a Prison in the time of Charles II" This is a short story written in the 19th century but set in the 17th century. The second prose that I am going to study is the monologue by Alan Bennett, "The Outside Dog", written in modern day for a television program. Both are prose written about some type of murder. The first thing that I am going to study is the guilt in both of these stories. In Dickens's story there is no real question of guilt or regret, instead the man only regrets that his murder did not happen as he planned it. ...read more.


Both of these styles of writing are correct for each story, and just because one is more formal than the other it does not make one that one a better story than the other. For example in Dickens's story; "I took him in my arms and laid him - very gently now he was dead - in a thicket. My wife was from home that day and would not return until the next." This shows how formally he writes his stories, compared to that of Bennett's. This shows how informally Bennett writes, and it does not really make sense unless you read it out loud, and then it sounds as good as, if not better, than the way that Dickens writes. The second difference between the two stories that I am going to look at is the question of gender. In Dickens's story the only woman involved in the whole story is his wife, who is only referred to as the wife. ...read more.


Dickens wrote his story in a time when all prose was written about the middle and upper class. This is because in the time that this was written all working class did the same thing, which was just working the land. The story by Bennett is written solely about the working class, and it typicalises what we see as the working class. To conclude I could say that there are many more difference between the two stories than the title suggests. There are still many similarities between the two, for example the way that murder is used in both of them. Also another large similarity is the way that the two stories are both influenced heavily by minor characters. The presentation of the characters does still have a role in the way that the stories are portrayed. It is still a difference between the stories, but not the main one. If I was to choose the main difference between the two stories, I would say that it was the way that they are written. ...read more.

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