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The Mask of Fear Janie was just a child when it first happened. Her family lived in a rural neighbourhood called Haspin.

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The Mask of Fear Janie was just a child when it first happened. Her family lived in a rural neighbourhood called Haspin. It was in the state of Colorado. Mountains surrounded the town and there was only one road in and out. This road led to a highway which led into other towns. Janie's family were asleep in the bedrooms upstairs. She was just a baby. She was just two years old when it happened... She awoke to a loud crash, which could only be believed to be the screen door on the back of the house. Maybe it was just her father coming in from work, or maybe it was an intruder. The intruder went up the stairs and with an axe, walked into the first bedroom where her two sisters slept. 'Hack, hack' went the axe. The intruder, with the axe dripping with crimson blood, went into the next room. ...read more.


Once she came into the view of a street light she looked into the darkness and saw the figure standing there. He was watching her it appeared to be. She called out, "Who are you?" The figure did not say anything. She turned around and began walking faster. Her heart was pounding with adrenaline. She gasped as something came in front of her. It was the dark figure! He looked into the light of the street light above them and she made out the visible features of a clown mask. She screamed and began to run. She found herself end up at her neighbours house. She raced to the front door. She pounded on the door and the door came open finally after a minute. Janie looked at old farmer Ted and said, "It's after me! Can you call my aunt?" ...read more.


Janie lay huddled in the opposite corner with a look of fear on her face. When later questioned by the authorities Janie simply told them he threatened her and she killed him. Authorities later that night sent Janie back into her aunt's care. 3 Years Later . . . . . She heard the sound of sirens beaming outside her aunt's home. The sound of her aunts cries still ringing through her head. Bang. Her bedroom door burst open followed by the sound of footsteps slowly approaching her. The closet doors opened and the officer stared into Janie's eyes. They were just black holes waiting to suck everything in, and the clown mask she once feared covered her face as if she was ashamed. Janie was drenched in her aunt's blood. "Come with me." "NO." Janie lashed out in rage and knocked down the officer. She then sped off into the darkness with the all feared clown mask still covering her unforgiving and unforgettable face. She was never seen again by anyone again. ...read more.

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