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The mask.

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The mask Ian has always been seen as "different" to his friends and others around him, it never really bothered him, but it did bother his father. In fact it bothered his father so much that he was made to go to an all boy's school and was sent off every Thursday to football practice. Ian was really annoyed that his father could not accept the way he was. It was not his fault he preferred to hang around with girls, than boys or thought it was fun to read books instead of playing computer games. This was the way he had always been and he liked it. As Ian grew up his father became stricter. He used foul language hoping that Ian would retaliate, but he never did. Instead he would walk away without hesitation and read a book quietly in his small room. His mum................. Well, Ian never knew his mum she died whilst she was giving birth to his little sister Marie, four years ago. This was when Ian began to be seen as "the odd one out". Thursday would finally come and his father chucked him out the house to football practice. He swore at him as he slammed the door. The awful words swirled in his head for hours. Ian would become unfocused at school and friends began to ignore him. He walked past the old post office towards the playing fields, waving to a couple of old woman sitting on a bench opposite Carrie's Pond. ...read more.


Eventually the end of the class came and Ian approached Miss Route. "Do you mind if I was to return next week?" He asked. "Certainly, I see that you have a great talent for ballet. I could make great fame out of you." Her eyes were fixed on his a she smiled, then walked away shouting "Same time next week girls....and boy." She looked back in his direction and gave a quick wink. Week after week Ian said he was going to football practice, but he never did. He always returned to the ballet classes. He was great at ballet, unlike football and he was doing something that he actually enjoyed, without his father knowing. Soon Ian had reached a first grade in ballet. He could pivot and swirl just like all the girls could and he loved it. One evening just after class had finished Miss Route grabbed Ian's attention. "We are performing a show next week and I was wondering if you were interested to show of your amazing skill to the public?" Ian felt the blood rush through his body with excitement. He was never good enough to participate in anything he has ever done, let alone been asked to perform what he has learned. He put on a huge smile and shouted "YES! Of course I will." She glanced at him with delight "Great rehearsals are here tomorrow, see you there." She walked off. ...read more.


The show was amazing, but right at the end just as Ian took a bow Miss Route signalled for him to remove his mask. He pretended he did not see her. Just as Ian was about to walk of the stage one of the female dancers ran up behind him and grabbed his mask, baring his face to the whole audience. Ian's eyes darted around looking frantically for his father, who was staring straight at him in horror. Ian ran of stage, grabbed his bag and left the hall. As he walked home a hand hit him hard on the shoulder. It was his father. He looked angry, but somewhere in those deep eyes Ian could see a look of marvel. "Why son, why did you do it?" He asked. "I wanted to. Its the only thing I have ever enjoyed!" He looked up at his father whilst tears ran down his face. "Hit me if you want. I deserve it." Ian closed his eyes, but all of sudden he felt his fathers' arms wrapped around his body. He was giving him a hug, something Ian has never experienced from his father. "I should have never told you what to do. You were so amazing tonight. I am so proud." Ian and his father talked for a whilst about how Ian had managed to develop such a wonderful talent. They were bonding like they had never done before and Ian realised that no matter how many people put you down, you should never be embarrassed about who you are. Lynsay Bradford 4k After the First Death Essay. ...read more.

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