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The Masked Gunman

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The Masked Gunman Brandishing a gun he shouted "Give me the money!" at the little shaken old lady at the band checkout desk. Alarms were screaming like babies everywhere. Everyone in the bank was scrambling for refuge behind chairs, desks or whatever they could get their hands on. A small boy was crying and holding onto his mother as this sick, twisted criminal put lives in danger for some money. The lady gave him the money and he fled quickly. Ten seconds later everyone stood up, shaken and the old lady was trembling behind the desk. The police arrived shortly afterwards but were too late to trail "the masked gunman" the name by which he was known to the authority after targeting several local shops and terrorizing their neighborhoods. "We can't do anything mam," a policeman exclaimed, "We'll get him next time boys," he then announced to his fellow officers before they sped off in their orange yellow and white patrol cars. Everyone looked at each other in dismay and couldn't believe that the police had just left so abruptly. ...read more.


How could someone live here? The Masked Gunman squatted here to lay low after being in hot pursuit however how this would change if he pulled off his next robbery would be incredible. With �3 million under his name he could disappear to anywhere in the world, have a luxurious lavish of cars, yachts, and villas wherever he wanted. He would be unreachable. The police would not enjoy having their failure to catch this man sprawled across he headlines therefore they were determined to catch him. The day that the casino heist was to take place on arrived. A warm Sunday evening in June. The air was cool and old couples were out taking a stroll when he pulled up outside in his battered, old, green Vauxhall Caviler. He got our wearing blue dungarees and his trademark flame stricken mask. Onlookers stared worryingly as he opened the boot and collected a black, silenced pistol. He then strolled into the casino and shouted, "Get on the floor now!" the lady at the slot machine quivered, as did the casino manager as he was staring down the barrel of this powerful weapon. ...read more.


The gunman snatched the bags that the manager helped him carry from the safe and ran out of the front doors of the casino abruptly. He halted sharply and stood in disbelief. There before him was at least three hundred armed police officers waiting for him. "Put your weapon on the floor and raise your hands above your head," a policeman shouted through a megaphone. The gunman stood in total shock while officers closed in around him. He went to run but ten officers jumped him and left him lying uncomfortably on the cold, concrete floor. He was done for. They picked him up surrounded by more officers with automatic weapons for extra security. He was forced reluctantly into a patrol car accompanied by two more officers who he was handcuffed to. As the patrol car sped off with police vans either side of it the manager of the casino cheekily waved at the masked gunman. He was greeted with the "V sign" from the gunman as the patrol car sped off into the sunset with the now "unmasked" gunman in its grasp. Ed Horrocks 10SSB ...read more.

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