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The message in An Inspector Calls

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A moral crime has been committed against a girl called Eva Smith. Having read 'An Inspector Calls' I realize that Priestly wants us to think about who is responsible for the death of Eva Smith, to know about the irresponsibility of the Birling family and to learn a lesson from them and feel our own responsibilities, because we all are responsible for each other Eva died by swallowing disinfectant, which burnt her inside .the way she died can't help but affect our view of who is responsible ,no body forced her to take the poison .It is a moral crime ,therefore no character could be charged in a court of law .We do not know whether Eva died or not ,because there is no strong proof to state that she died .But it doesn't matter whether she died or not ,the crime have been committed, and those who felt guilty (Sheila and Eric) recognise this. Those who accepted no blame Mr and Mrs Birling they rather miss the point. The purpose of the role of inspector is to make the main characters realize that everyone should look after each other. He is not a real inspector. His name was Goole, which sounds like the word ghost. The role of inspector is also to make the main characters aware of their responsibilities .The inspector want us to think about how society should change ,the rich should treat the poor with respect! ...read more.


In fact Eva didn't have any money with her and she had to leave the miserable black room she had . A friend of Gerald , Charlie Brunswick , was gone off to Canada for six months and he had been given the keys of a nice set of rooms in Morgan Terrace to use if he wanted . So Gerald insisted on Eva moving to those rooms . He also gave her some money to fulfill; b her requirements . Gerald didn't gave those two rooms to Eva so that he could make love to her . However , it was inevitable she would fall in love with him because he was so kind . They could not be official partners because they were from different social classes . He made go to Morgan Terrace and gave her money because he was sorry for what had happened her and didn't like the idea of her going back to the palace bar , and he didn't asked for any thin g in return . Gerald was the kindest person to her . Eva was a young , pretty , warm-hearted and intensely grateful and Gerald became at once the most important person in her life . Gerald was in love with her ., this affair came to end when Gerald had to go away on business for several weeks , so he broke it before going on business Eva lived happier with Gerald the she had ever been , and he helped her even more by giving her a gift of enough money . ...read more.


Eric had given her money , but she refused to take any more when she came to know that it was not his money .Mrs. Birling was too cruel , she thought that Eva was too proud considering how poor and desperate she was . Mrs. Birling advised her committee not to accept her claim . Eva came to Mrs Birling for help at a time when no woman could have needed it more . She was alone , friendless and penniless , but Mrs Birling did not help her and slammed the door in her face when she not only needed money but advice , sympathy , friendliness as well . Among all the characters I think Eric is responsible more than all the others . Eric and Sheila , considered themselves responsible , Gerald shared his responsiblility at the beginning but he did not considered himself responsible after knowing that Goole was not a real inspector. Mr and Mrs Birling did not admit their share of the responsibility. The message of the play is that we all are resaponbsible for each other and we should look after each other. Preistly felt that it was essential if the world was ever going to learn from its mistakes and become a better place for living where everyone has the right to be treated fairly. This was a very important message in 1945 when the world was recovering from the Second World War. ...read more.

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