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The Monkey's Paw

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The Monkeys Paw The Monkeys Paw was written in the 19th century. In this story, there is no graphic detail; it doesn't show any nasty details either. If you read stories today, you would usually find a lot of blood and guts in the script, but in this story the writer uses suspense and tension. The language in this story is quite old fashioned and very unusual e.g. " without the night was cold..." or " Father and son were at chess". Usually people would say outside it was cold or Father and son were playing chess. The writer W.W. Jacobs has deliberately used old-fashioned language because he wanted to make the story sound like it was old and it made the story more mysterious. The writer uses hints as to what might happen to increase tension. This works even better if you re-read the story as you can recognise these clues; i.e. "I should hardly thing that he would come tonight...." Or " sudden and unlooked for violence...". If Mr white did not mention to his son about the monkey's paw none of this would have happened. They have a visitor from India who was a Sargent Major. ...read more.


Instead of their son a stranger is seen outside. The stranger was peering in, in an undecided fashion at the house. Three times he paused at the gate and then walked off again, the parents feel he is acting strange. What the writer is showing, he is making the stranger appear nervous, it would also get the Whites get nervous and it also creates tension for the reader. When the man says something about Mrs White's son, she asks if he is all right, the visitor bowed in assent, as if " badly hurt"," but he is not in any pain". The writer makes the reader think that the son is OK. When you realise that he is dead it creates a sense of shock for the characters and the reader, "he was the only one left to us", the White's say, they are clearly indicating that they had more children but they all died and Herbert was the only one left. In the first five pages of the book, it only covers one day. On page 40, After the death of Herbert, the story covers a whole week in only a few lines. ...read more.


Fusillade means the sound of loads of cannons going of. When the tension reaches its height, it is when Mrs. White is unlocking the door, to see who it is and she is on the last latch, its also suspense. But as soon as Mr. White, wishes for whatever is behind the door to go away, all the tension and suspense stops. In this story, we only get hints of violence, but in a modern day horror story i.e. a Steven king movie, we would see all the violence and blood. This story was really short, strange and created a lot of tension and suspense but the type of language is different to now (20th century), it was written in the middle of the 19th century. The story is only based in the house of the White family and nowhere else, that tells the reader that the writer wants to keep it a short story. I didn't find this story that exciting because I'm use to books and movies made these days which are much bloody and have graphic detail. I can recognise that it is a cleverly written story and creates a lot of tension through the use of language, but we expect more length these days. By Raymond Wilfred 11w ...read more.

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