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The name of the film is The Crucible.

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English 11 Kevin Chang Movie Review: The Crucible The name of the film is The Crucible. The prominent stars of the film are Abigail Williams, whose cries of witchcraft led to the destruction of an entire village. John Proctor, a farmer whose conscience was tested during the witch trails. And Elizabeth Proctor, whose relationships with her husband is characterized by a powerful mix of love, guilt and courage; she too was a victim by Abigail. This drama based on the witch trials in the Salem Village during the 1950's.The Crucible is a mirror that the author of this movie uses to reflect on historical people and events. ...read more.


One by one, the blameless victims are torn from their homes. Abigail's vengeance turned to Proctor's wife. And both John Proctor and his wife are put on trial. Probably the most important element in the success of The Crucible is the costume design and set design in the filmmaking. This movie was beautifully filmed with attention to period costumes, even as far as the hand stitching in the collars. By just looking at the costumes and set design, the audiences can tell approximately the setting. The impressive costumes along with the aged buildings bring the past and ancient feeling out in the film. The costumes for each main character has each style, like John Proctor, his costume brings out his character of a tough man. ...read more.


It makes the modern audiences to feel the emotions of each character throughout the movie. The film did a great job on the character's personalities, while watching the movie, I can feel the emotion inside me. It is really good for the film to be able to portray a personality. My personal impression of this movie is great. It's not an easy movie to connect with emotion, and keep the audience interested. Good use script, and good acting, filming and picturesque costumes. Historic dramas are always a little boring to those of us who are used to the action movie. However, this drama has none of that, it is suitable to anyone who want to see another style of the modern movie, especially to those who are bored with modern movies. ...read more.

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