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The novel Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley

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The novel "Frankenstein" was written by Mary Shelley in 1818 as part of a writing competition. The story was inspired by one of Mary's nightmares and it deals with a Doctor Frankenstein who is obsessed with playing god. After many experiments with animals, Dr. Frankenstein finally collected all the body parts from graves and eventually created a man or monster with the help from his idol who taught him in School Professor Woldman. Frankenstein was trying to make a man which he did but he also created a monster. I felt sorry for the monster because all he wanted was to be accepted by mankind and loved by Frankenstein, but he was not everyone hated him because he was different. The first experience the monster felt was rejection. "Frankenstein fled from the room" The doctor was unable to endure the aspect of being a father figure to the thing he had created, so instead of embracing the monster with lover Frankenstein left the monster in a room. ...read more.


William died instantly the monster ripped the locket off the boys neck with pride his heart swelled with triumph. Frankenstein had truly created a monster. I think that the monster was wrong to kill William Frankenstein's little brother because the boys only crime was to be a blood relative of the creator. If the monster wanted to kill someone to make up for the hurt he felt when created he should have killed the creator because his family had nothing to do with it. I suppose the little boys death would have hurt Frankenstein because he knew it was his fault, he felt guilty. The monster actions had the desired affect. The monster confronted Frankenstein and asked him to create a mate for him. The monster wanted a mate so there would be someone else in the world like him, someone who had the same feelings as him, someone who knew what it was like, someone to be his friend and talk to him. ...read more.


Frankenstein was telling the truth. Frankenstein told the captain the story on his deathbed. The tied and cold doctor died of hypothermia; the captain broke down into tears even though he had just met Frankenstein. The monster came into the room and saw his creator; instead of celebrating the death of his enemy, the monster sat by the lifeless body and cried. This surprised me because I thought the monster would be happy that the man who brought him all this misery was finally dead. The monster still loved Frankenstein like a father, which is really, what he was to the monster. Maybe the monster cried because he might have thought the death of Frankenstein was his fault because the doctor wanted revenge after the beast kill the doctors brother and wife. This forced the doctor to follow the monster into the harsh conditions of the South Pole. The creator body was put onto a wooden craft, the monster stood on the craft and killed himself with the body of his father. The monster killed himself because there was nothing else to live for. Craig Umbleja 10r ...read more.

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