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The Olympics Beijing 2008

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The Olympics 2008 The 2008 Olympics were held during the summer in China It was the 29th modern Olympic games. A total of 10,500 athletes competed in 302 events spread over 28 different sports. China built 12 Brand new stadiums just for the Olympics. A total of twenty one million pounds were spent on the Olympic games in Beijing, making it the most expensive games ever The Games saw 43 world records and 132 Olympic records broken 204 nations competed and 87 of them came home with at least 1 medal The medal table looks like this; the hosts china are on top with 51 gold medals, in second was the United states, and Russia taking bronze. Great Britain did better than most years and ended in a respectable 4th place! ...read more.


sports stars and famous people and eventually arrives back where it started and it is then used to light the Olympic flame which burns for the duration of the games This year the flame encountered many problems with "free Tibet" protesters attacking the flame carriers and attempting to put out the flame. Luckily nobody was successful. Even the main event was threatened to be interrupted by protesters, but the only protest made was 3 ppl climbing flag poles and waving Free Tibet banners. Despite the games going well, china played a big part in that, part of the opening ceremony that was only shown on TV which showed fireworks being let off in the shape of footprints leading up to the main stadium.... ...read more.


The first records we have of the Olympics date back to 776BC where a man called Coroebus won the only event there was which was called the stade, it was a race of about 200m, this made him the first Olympic champion ever! The Olympics grew and were held every 4 years for about 1200 years until a roman emperor banned them because of their violent nature. This was the end of the ancient Olympic games. Modern Olympics About 1500 years after the ancient Olympics ended, a Frenchman called Pierre called for the Olympics to be restarted to try and get France interested in sport. At first nobody was interested in his idea, but he persisted and eventually a panel of representatives of many nations voted to revive the games, The official international Olympic committee was formed. Since then the games have been held every four years and only stopped for world war 1 and 2. ...read more.

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