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The opening credits and first ten minutes of the film to kill a mockingbird.

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TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD The opening credits and first ten minutes of the film to kill a mockingbird. I am going to be analyzing about the first ten minutes of the film to kill a mockingbird and I will also be analyzing about the opening credits. This story is about the situation in America Macomb in the early 1900s were there are racial segregations among the black and white people with some innocent victims trying to stop racism. This film was made in 1962 in America and it was directed by Robert Mulligan. This film was from the book, "To kill a mockingbird", and the book was written by Harper Lee. It was set a long time ago at around 1961, and this also show by the quality of pictures it has [black & white]. When the film starts there is a child singing like a mockingbird and this illustrate innocence among people, as well as at the same occasion the child was drawing a mocking bird to express its feelings because the mockingbird represents the idea of innocence. ...read more.


The music reminds of the incident that occurred in the story when a black innocent soul was killed and all the black people in pain and sorrow. In the beginning of the film the girl tears paper through the drawing of the bird and dramatically showing the separation of two sides and I think this was the separation between the black and white people through racism. It also resembles the tearing apart of innocence of the town and children memories. The setting of the film is rational but the town looks like poor and yet charming in which people extend general attitude to one another. The film was set in black and white which shows that the film was done a long time ago so that it can have historical effects and to show racism between the people in the film in a historical and academic context. The characters in the film are dressed in an old fashioned style but the way Atticus was dressed showed that he is a person who is wealthy and not like all the other people in the community. ...read more.


I think they used the black and white film to show in a much expressive way that the film was mainly on racial segregations and its evidence that the film was produced when the production of color film was not present. In the opening credits of the film," To kill a mockingbird", the quality of set up explain what the film would be like and what it is about because in the opening credits the objects that are presented symbolize something in the film like when the child tears a paper into two halves and this is a symbol of separation through racism. I think the first ten minutes establishes the film well because the way the sound effects are and the different items used like the drawing of the mocking bird. The marbles and all the other instruments on the opening credits are as symbols of something in the film, and you will be able to tell what the film would be like. ...read more.

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