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The Orc

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The Orc Chapter 1 - The Beginning A warm, dark glow of orange sunlight arched across the valley of trials when a young orc arrived at The Den. His name was Trotil, he was slightly nervous about entering The Den, so he hovered outside for a moment before he mustered up the courage to enter. Trotil was scared he knew that he was in for weeks of gruelling training to become a skilled shaman of the horde! He was there because he never knew who his parents were, as he was found by an old orc couple as a baby in the Southfury River. He wanted to become a powerful shaman so that he could search for his parents and help others who get an unfortunate start in life. He hadn't been properly educated though and was therefore not very clever. When he entered The Den Trotil was confronted by two massive orcs that were suited in full battle armour! Trotil introduced himself and told them why he was there, one of them grunted at the other and one of the guards walked off. ...read more.


We shamans get all our power from the four natural elements, air, fire, water, and earth. To help you focus these powers we have different tests to attune yourself with each element." "I'm not so sure I understand you Master Rin'jin," Trotil said quietly. "Ok young Trotil, I tell you what, take this earth totem and go into the wilderness and search within yourself for the power to call out to the earth spirits, speak with them and they will help you understand." "Yes master." Trotil went into The Den quickly before leaving to pick up his staff and travelling cloak, as he was leaving he saw Neltar talking to another training orc. Neltar walked over to Trotil when he saw him, "Where are you off to Trotil?" "Rin'jin has told me to go and summon the earth spirit and speak with him so that I may understand shamanistic powers better." "Well from what I've heard that is pretty easy so make sure you take your time if you're feeling tired." "Ok thanks, I'll see you later." ...read more.


Neltar walked off and started to have a loud conversation with his friends which Trotil could hear, "He can't even summon the earth spirits! Hahahaha!" Trotil carried on walking forwards and got his food, he went into The Den and sat down on his bed with his food and ate slowly. He wondered to himself, "what am I going to do if I can't even complete this simple task, all the other people are going to laugh and scorn me and Master Rin'jin will have to ask me to leave if I have no potential." Trotil suddenly looked up as Neltar and about 6 other orcs walked in to the room. "So Trotil, want to be a shaman? You need to have a brain that is bigger than a Gnome to stand a chance!" Taunted an orc. "Leave him alone I'm sure it's not all his fault, his parents were probably a cross between a Gnoll and a Gronn." Neltar joked. Trotil stood up and walked out as fast as he could without making it look like he was upset. He found a corner in The Den, sat down and cried until the dawn... ?? ?? ?? ?? Creative Writing [ENGLISH COURSEWORK] 1 ...read more.

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