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The Paper Round.

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The Paper Round It was an exceptionally cold morning. Not a good time to be doing a paper round. I stopped walking at the end of my drive and looked up the hill to where I was to deliver my papers. There was a slight dusting of frost along the tops of the fences but the road remained dull and wet. Soggy leaves were gathered at the side of the kerb creating a layer of squelchy slush. The lamposts were still slightly glowing and the sky was a light grey, lit up by the hidden sun. As I began walking along the path, I looked around at the surrounding gardens. A brisk wind rattled the trees, sending a cascading stream of leaves, like a golden waterfall, onto the damp, puddle covered street. The ground beneath a large horse chestnut tree was covered in broken conker shells and the occasional conker. A squirrel bounded out from a hedge, ran into the road, picked up an unbroken conker, gave a quick glance around, then sped up the neighbouring giant oak carrying the conker with him. ...read more.


To my right was a large lake with a strange mist hovering above the surface. Two swans stood staring at me as I walked along from a small, bush covered island in the middle of the lake. To my left there was a swimming pool. A blue plastic sheet was spread over it, like a quilt protecting it from the freezing weather. Around the pool stood stone statues of angels. A quiet "neigh" came from the stables behind the pool. The garden was well kept. The lawn was short and green and was covered in small silver beads of dew. The house itself was Tudor looking. White, stone walls were bordered with thick black oak beams. The tiled roof had a dull red colour to it. Ivy hung from the gutter, entwined with white Christmas fairy lights. Near the front door was a small circular pond. Reeds grew out of it and large orange and black koi karp swam in and out of the shadows. In the middle of the pond was another statue. ...read more.


So I began walking back down the hill. The trolley which once held the papers was now light and easy to pull. People were just starting to emerge from their houses, scraping the ice off the car windows so they could do the last of their Christmas shopping. The dog which I had encountered earlier was now walking with its owner and didn't even look up when it passed me. Its dragon like breath still coming out of its nose and its tongue hanging between its dagger like teeth. The rain had stopped but the water on the road had frozen solid making walking extremely difficult. I picked my way down the hill. I would be home in two minutes. The sun had gone in and a grey cloud had covered the sky. In an instant, the heavens opened. Hail and rain fired down like missiles towards the earth. I pulled the hood of my jacket over my head and ran, pulling the trolley behind me. Lightning struck somewhere up in the fields behind me. I dived in through my front door and gave a sigh of relief. "You're back early," said my mum as I joined them for breakfast. By James Roberts ...read more.

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