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The perception of the perfect body image

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The Perception of the Perfect Body Beautiful A young woman with her back towards the executive producer walks into an audition. Her long, blonde, bouncy hair, and luxurious choice of designer clothing makes the producers anxious to see if their "star" has walked in through the door. The air of anticipation is of great magnitude. The beauty uses her light, elegant feet and turns herself around to see a look of ghastly horror swipe across the faces of the producers. So rapid but intense was there glaring stare of disgust and contempt. Yet again she had been judged, her nose ring protruded at the side of her right nostril, her eyebrow bar glinting off the light. Her tattoos covering both forearms and the scar of her childhood burn down the left side of her face where the bath had been too hot. Her hair balding at the front as the result of Leukaemia. A disease she had only learnt to cope with. Yet the look of dismay that could not be hidden brought a tension and it rippled through the air, as the faint sound of a tear droplet hits the wooden floor... Nowadays every woman endures many predicaments. ...read more.


Yet the media pressure does nothing to help with this, although anti bulling campaigns have been formed. This will not solve the issue if the "perfect body beautiful" still exists. My cousin was a victim of beauty. Working as an office assistant she earned a respectable wage and enjoyed her job. Until her employer harassed her for her beauty, everything had been fine to start of with. It is only now she realises that she got favoured over the less "attractive" staff and got more pay rises than most people do. He didn't even know my cousin, but flirted with her constantly because of her outside appearance. This eventually grew until she could take no more. Unfortunately she had to leave her job as a consequence. All because she was the victim of the "perfect body beautiful." He hadn't known what her personality was like, he just seen a woman and abused that fact. This too is becoming a huge problem, not only is it the "ugly" people being targeted but also, the "beautiful" people. So what is it better to be? There are problems on both sides of unwanted attention and heavy flirtation that can become overwhelming and a nuisance yet these women shouldn't have to suffer because of their appearance. ...read more.


Yet there are some magazines that acknowledge this, we open "The Sun" and go to "Bizarre" column and we see the latest gossip about who is too thin. Although this has been recognised, the media and society do nothing to follow through their findings. A woman's beauty comes from the centre; it is where her heart lies, where her personality beams up her whole body, it can be her interests, or what makes her happy. Or it can be just her simple loving thought. Women are cheated of their right to happiness. It isn't fair but until the public address the seriousness of this situation, when eating disorders rise, when suicides from bullying rocket and when more and more women become depressed, it may make the world wake up. The government is solving the waste problem; it is solving the peace problem, even the health problem with the recent non-smoking ban. But when will the time come to solve the body image problem that plagues our streets and will become one of the world's top killers, which has been proved by Anorexia Wastes Life Association. The time to act is now, but is it too little too late when the statistics show death? Two weeks later the woman in this picture aged 22, died of Anorexia. All because she too wanted the "Perfect Body Beautiful". i i Stefanie Jameson ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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