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The Phases of inspector Calls

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The Inspector Calls Phases Phase no. 1; Mr birling toasts to the engagement. The Birling family are holding a dinner party to celebrate the engagement of Sheila to Gerald Croft. Phase no.2; the inspector arrives. Inspector Goole announces that he has come to investigate the suicide of a young working-class girl who died that afternoon. Phase no.3; Arthur Birling is investigated. Birling admits that she used to be one of his employees: he discharged her when she became one of the ring-leaders of a strike asking for slightly higher wages. Birling justifies sacking her by saying he paid his workers the usual rates; he cannot see that he has any responsibility for what happened to her afterwards. ...read more.


Phase no.6; Mrs Birling's confessions Once Gerald has left to go for a walk, Inspector Goole shows a photograph to Mrs Birling. he grudgingly admits that she had seen the girl two weeks previously, when the girl - now pregnant - had come to ask for financial assistance from the Brumley Women's Charity Organisation. Phase no.7; Eric's return Right at the end of the scene, as Mrs Birling says the father of the child and claims he needs to be made an example of, Sheila realise that Eric is involved. When Eric comes into the room, the act ends. Phase no.8; Eric is reviled Eric tells the story of his own involvement with the girl. ...read more.


They gradually realise that perhaps the Inspector conned them - he could have showed each person a different photograph - and when they telephone the infirmary, they realise that there hasn't been a suicide case for months. Birling is delighted, assuming they are now all off the hook, while Sheila and Eric maintain that nothing has changed - each of them still committed the acts that the Inspector had accused them of, even if they did turn out to be against five different girls. Phase no.11; The Plot thickens Then the telephone rings. Mr Birling answers it, and after hanging up tells the family that it was the police on the line: an inspector is on his way to ask questions about the suicide of a young girl... ?? ?? ?? ?? Philip Milton 637 words ...read more.

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