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The play's genre is a tragedy. This means that it ends in sorrow and death. The main themes include love, destiny, honour and death.

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare in 1595, and has been a very popular play since the Elizabethan age. The play's genre is a tragedy. This means that it ends in sorrow and death. The main themes include love, destiny, honour and death. The chief protagonists of the play are Romeo and Juliet from the Montague and Capulet families. Their love is doomed to end in tragedy because their families hate each other and have been fueding for generations and Romeo and Juliet are what they called "star-crossed" lovers. The society that they live in has strong beliefs in fighting their honour and their family names. Tybalt is a catalyst for many of the violent events of the plot. He is the cousin of Juliet and nephew of Lord and Lady Capulet, a very important family in Verona. His personality is aggressive, violent, evil bully, revengeful and a good point is that he is very proud of being a Capulet. Tybalt helps leads up to the play's tragic ending because Tybalt wants revenge on Romeo because he gatecrashes the Capulet's Ball. ...read more.


Tybalt's pride has been hurt, so he swears revenge saying, "....I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall, now seeming sweet, convert to bitterest gall." This is very important to the plot because at the end of this scene Tybalt says that he will leave the situation alone for a while and then later on he will get revenge on Romeo therefore this is building up the tension as the story goes on and this also leads up to the death of Mercutio, Romeo, Juliet and Tybalt himself. In Act 2, Scene 4 we learn that Mercutio tells Benvolio that Tybalt has sent a challenge to Romeo's house. Mercutio reckons that Romeo will find it hard to fight Tybalt because he knows all the latest fencing moves. Mercutio thinks that Romeo is emotionally damaged over the love of Rosaline, "Alas, poor Romeo, he is already dead...and is he a man to encounter Tybalt" This tells us that Mercutio is worried Romeo because he knows that he is weak inside therefore Tybalt can easily kills him. Mercutio refers to Tybalt as, "The Prince of cats" This image suggests that he is sly, independent, fit and graceful like a cat when he fights. ...read more.


When Tybalt first sees Mercutio in this scene he speaks in a polite way saying, "Well peace be with you, sir. Here comes my man" It is unusual for Tybalt to speak in this way especially to a Montague, he even says that he wants peace with Mercutio he is also being respectful to Mercutio because he doesn't actually want to fight with him. He want Romeo ! When Tybalt sees Romeo he tries to entice him into a fight by calling him a "Villain". Romeo explains but stays calm that he has a reason to love Tybalt (being married to Juliet.) Therefore, he will not get angry at what Tybalt has just said. He then says that he is not a villain. Mercutio becomes involved in the fight to help Romeo, "O calm, dishonourable, vile submission! Tybalt, you rat-catcher, will you walk? This shows us that Mercutio thinks that Romeo has submitted to Tybalt and that he has lost his honour. Later in this fight Tybalt kills Mercutio, as we know from this stage direction, "Romeo gets between them. Tybalt stabs Mercutio under Romeo's arm, and runs" Here we know that Tybalt has broken some rules about duelling and at the end after killing Mercutio he run with Romeo tracing after him. ...read more.

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