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The Policeman saw a trail of insects, a very long one indeed. This wasnt just the normal trail of ants rushing towards a bit of discarded food, and it didnt just contain ants either.

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The Same Old Blues [The Solitary Policeman] Trying to doze off, the policeman lost his will to do so when he saw something that wasn't normal, even on a midnight shift. He had seen drug dealers, thieves, prison escapees, even a large number of intoxicated celebrities, among other things. But this, this was something that would seem out of place unless it was in a Harry Potter book, or another equally fantastic affair. The Policeman saw a trail of insects, a very long one indeed. This wasn't just the normal trail of ants rushing towards a bit of discarded food, and it didn't just contain ants either. The policeman noticed different types of insects in these trail- ants, cockroaches, beetles, even a few bees, wasps and locusts hovering above the trail. He wondered what they were all heading towards, or trying to, because the trail just didn't seem to reach its destination. ...read more.


The test to become a policeman had never really proved an example of what being a policeman was like. After ten years... a situation where I am not required to do nothing more than stand and pretend to keep watch while I'm actually counting the minutes to the end of my shift... He felt the vibe of a crime, after ten long years of counting the minutes every night, five nights a week. Syd walked on, only to see the awkward trail of insects lead into a considerably large hole in the ground. He shone his flashlight into the hole, which seemed to go on forever, from the angle at which he was looking at it from. The policeman, Syd, saw the end of the trail, slowly and steadily going past him and into the hole in the ground. ...read more.


Just then he heard an alarming noise; he thought it might be the adrenalin rush in him. It was an extremely annoying noise. Beep-beep-beep What could it be? And couldn't it choose a better time to get on Syd's nerves than now? Beep-beep-beep Almost instinctively, Syd reached for his watch and hit it hard, as if it were the monster that was assaulting him. At least he wasn't robbed of the ability to make reasonably good judgments instinctively. It was four minutes past the end of his shift. 7.04am in the morning. Syd rubbed his eyes and looked around. Another long day awaited him. The day had begun for many a person, and the Victoria Coach Station had started being busy again. He picked up his book, 'Awakening to the Dream: the Gift of Lucid Living' by Leo Hartong and headed back home. Apparently he still required much practice before he acquired that gift. ?? ?? ?? ?? Neil Morris 4.2 ...read more.

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