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The power of memories.

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The power of memories Memories, we have good ones and bad ones. They can make us relive happy moments of our lives, or make us sorrowful for a moment. A perfume, a melody, a phrase or a simple movement can remind us of something or someone. There are some memories that constantly come back and others that we only have once. More significant events in our lives are more likely to become more precise memories than insignificant every day events. I was sorting my drawers not long ago and I threw out nearly all the rubbish in them except for an envelope full of pictures. When I had finished tidying, I sat down on my bed and decided to relax a little and look through those old pictures. I had totally forgotten about their existence. There were about half a dozen pictures in the envelope all taken at different times of my life. I found all of them really lovely, but one picture especially caught my attention. ...read more.


I told him two, having no idea that I would not be going home straight after school that day. I walked slowly to the school's building trailing my feet, and humming the tune of my favorite song. When I got to my classroom, my form tutor had already called out the register. We had French first, so I decided to go by my locker first as the French classroom was really close. I felt some sort of absence when I got to my locker. I remembered that Oliver wasn't in school anymore to follow me around, and that was what I missed. The first few lessons passed by really slowly and I couldn't really concentrate. I was so hungry that I decided that as soon as the bell rang I would find my friends and we would go to the cafeteria, because I was starving. We met up behind the school with Tito, and we headed towards the cafe. ...read more.


He put his hands around me and told me that he would miss me. I didn't fully realize the meaning of his words as I was concentrating on posing for the picture. I regretted not fixing my hair properly that morning. His friend took two pictures of us, and I asked Oliver if he would send me a copy when he arrived to his new home overseas. He promised me he would. Lying on my bed, I was smiling to myself. He had kept his promise and I was now holding that picture in my hand. I actually looked good in it, not considering my all messy hair and my half closed eyes. I decided to pin up that picture on my drawing board and put the other one in my locker. And every time I look at it a warm feeling runs through me and if I concentrate hard enough I can hear his voice whispering in my ear and the hot sun burning my skin, on that lovely May afternoon. I used automatic spell check, and a Hungarian- English dictionary. Livia Antolik 15/11/03 ...read more.

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