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The Power of Money in 'The Pearl' by Steinbeck and 'A Simple Plan' by Smith.

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Year 11 English ? Connected Texts Emma Richards ?Money is at the root of all evil?. Discuss how the corruption of an individual is explored in two texts you have studied this semester. As stated in The New Testament, ?For the love of money is the root of all evil?, both The Pearl written by John Steinbeck, and A Simple Plan, written by Scott Smith, incorporate this moral through the corruption of an individual. As both texts explore the theme of being misguided by material wealth, the main characters Kino and Hank Mitchell experience their destruction in similar ways. They are both content with their lives before they stumble upon riches, until the money allows them to desire more and eventually controls their thoughts and actions. This corruption and change in character has a vast effect on the surrounding characters, which allows the audience to understand that money is a destructive force which needs to be handled with severe caution. ...read more.


He is an accountant who lives in a small country town, and is also content before coming across a plane crash bearing a large sum of money. However he never wished for a better life, or for more money, he was simply presented with it and with the help of his wife he eventually became murderous. As the discovery drove Hank straight into corruption, Kino?s corruption was more gradual and his wife Juana desperately wanted to rid the Pearl that completely changed his moral beliefs. Both characters however, go from being joyful at the beginning of the texts, to feeling regretful and angry that money destroyed their values and ultimately, their lives, by the end. The corruption of the two characters extensively alters not only their lives, but the lives of those characters around them. As Kino and Hank shift from their happy selves to destructive forces, they both have very opposing effects on the lives of their families and friends. ...read more.


checking out books, and then coming home to cook dinner for you...?, which forces Hank to change his mind. This affect of power over his wife also leads to betrayal between his brother Jacob, and Jacob?s best friend Lou, and eventually Hank is left feeling extremely guilty. Kino however, does not wish to use the Pearl that he discovers in an evil way, but mainly to cure his baby Coyotito who became severely ill after a deadly scorpion bite. His wife Juana fears the worst when trackers come after their family in search of the Pearl, and is affected in reverse to Hank?s wife, as all she wants to do is get rid of the Pearl. As it has more and more power over Kino, she becomes more hesitant and as it ironically ends in the death of their baby instead of his cure, Juana resigns to the idea that being wealthy is better than their original lifestyle. The authors of ?A Simple Plan? and ?The Pearl? caution its readers that money is the root of all evil, and can corrupt an individual and cause betrayal. ...read more.

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