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The Raid

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The man, dressed in a long black overcoat, glanced at his watch. It was 11:30pm on a dark, miserable London night. He was waiting inside his white BMW for the pickup. Finally he saw the headlights, picking their way through the smoke; rain; darkness and fog, pulling into the deserted car-park. It was a black Mercedes with tinted windows. A short man got out, closely followed by two taller men, his cronies. He was dressed in a smart black suit and carried a large briefcase in his right hand. "You got the money?" He demands "If you got the stuff" "Good, we can proceed" The smaller man opened his briefcase, the buyer knew what was inside; 2 large bags, full of class A drugs. ...read more.


The police got out of their cars, using their doors as shields, their guns pointed at the two cars. There was another siren as an armed response unit and a riot van pulled into the car park. The armed units positioned themselves around the car park, almost completely surrounding the 2 cars. There was an eerie silence across the deserted car park; you could almost hear the suspect's heavy breathing. There was so much tension in the air it felt like you could physically cut it. "Get out of your vehicle" blared the Superintendent of through a megaphone "Come out with your hands on your head, all of you" Nobody moved so the superintendent repeated himself: "Come out with your hands on your head, all of you, NOW!" ...read more.


At that second the armed police fired. All four of the car tyres were burst and the rear window was shattered. "O.K! OK!" he shouted out of the window, "I give up" and stepped out of his car, hands on his head as the Superintendent had requested, closely followed by the 2 other men in the car and the buyer. All four men were standing, surrounded by armed police all wearing bullet proof vests, guns still aimed directly towards them. "Put those 2 in your car, him in that one and I'll take the other one in mine" ordered the Superintendent. As the dealer and his men were led away towards two cars the superintendent whispered to the last man "Good work Steve, that should put a stop to all this drug trouble" Jak Money 10G1 ...read more.

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