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THE RAVEN AND THE PEACOCK Long time ago, when the human wasn't present, there were only animals in the Earth

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THE RAVEN AND THE PEACOCK Long time ago, when the human wasn't present, there were only animals in the Earth. Animals in that time were quite different form the animals now. There were many kinds of animal living in many different kinds of environment. Among those animals the Birds were considered the most beautiful animal in the world. because all of the birds had the white feather which symbolized beauty. Others animal always envied with the birds. So the birds want to make them more beautiful. Because the more beautiful the birds were, the more respect they receive. And the story begins.... That was the dense forest which had a lot of animal. But there were only two kinds of bird live in that forest. They are Raven and Peacock. The Raven and the Peacock were very familiar. They always stayed and played together. One day, the Raven said to the Peacock with a dissatisfactory voice while they were playing at the river in the edge of the forest "I want to change the color of my feather, and I don't want to hear everybody said "Oh! ...read more.


I have never seen such beautiful color like these. How can you make it?" "It is my secret and you don't need to know that." The Raven answered. Then she opened slowly and used a stick to stir the liquid contained in each bottle. The Peacock looked at this with the serious eyes. She really wanted to try it. She loves color, she usually pick some flowers put on her feather and look at herself on the water. But she couldn't keep it in a long time because those colorful flowers would be flown by the wind. But now if she paints these colors on her feather she could keep it forever. She said "I want to try first." The Raven was surprised by the Peacock's behavior. She smiled and said "All right. I will paint for you and show you how wonderful it is." "Now sit down, be silent and remember do not move when I'm painting" the Raven continued. The Peacock followed all of what the Raven said without discomfort. The Raven started from the tail of the Peacock first. ...read more.


I'm so hungry now." But the Peacock kept answering "Just a little bit to be done." The Raven suddenly stood up. Unfortunately, she slipped on the bottle which was put down by Peacock and fell down. All of the colors were poured out on her feather. It's so terrible. Her feather became black. Among these colors, the black was used just a little so it still has so much in the bottle. And now it made Raven's feathers turn black. The Peacock couldn't believe that. She couldn't talk. Her mouth couldn't open. She was so scared. The Raven was extremely angry. She shrieked "I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE ANYMORE." And then she ran back to the forest and disappeared in the darkness. The day after Peacock tried to find Raven but she couldn't. She just wanted to say that wasn't her fault. And when she ran around to find Raven, everybody saw her new feather. They were surprised. They surrounded her and decided to choose her for the Queen of bird in that forest. Although she become the Queen of bird, she was still unhappy. She had lost the most important friend in her life forever. ...read more.

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