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the relationship between the main characters in George Orwell book "Nineteen Eighty-Four".

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In this essay I intent to discover how George Orwell present the relationship between the main characters in one of his greatest book "Nineteen Eighty-Four". The real name of the author was Eric Arthur Blair, George Orwell was just a nick name for his early writing. Born in Burma as a member of "lower upper middle class" family he must worked very hard to get to well known schools in England at the time. Firstly it was preparatory St. Cyprians School which he attend on a scholarship where only half of usual fees where pay by his parents. Scholarship was also the way to get to Wellington and then to Eton. But this was end of his education. When he finished Eton his academic performance was rather very and some teachers' complaint about disrespect he show their authority, he didn't have chance for scholarship anymore and his family could not pay full fee for his university. He decided to join the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, where he was brought. Only five years later in 1927 he came back to England as an heating imperialism socialist. At this stage he chooses to become a writer. Two years after, he tried his luck as a freelance writer in Paris. He came back to England year after, not only without any success, but with experience of a life in poverty. In 1930 he published his first novel, based on Paris' experience "Down and Out in Paris". Four years later appeared "Burmese Days", based on his experience in Burma. ...read more.


Since he wrote above phrase in his diary he was confident that he will be soon catch. This sense of fatalism was also one of the reasons for his rebellion. He felt helpless to evade his doom "in this game that we're playing, we can't win ... We are the dead".10 Because he convinced him self that he will be caught no matter what he took unnecessary risk such us trusting O'Brien and renting the room from Mr. Charrington. Winston is not the only one who hates the Party and the system. One of other citizens who secrete their true filings is Julia. As we know from the narrator, she is a woman around 25 years old "with tick dark hair" and "athletic movements". Her job is producing cheap pornography for the Proles in the special department of the Minitrue. She covers her real thoughts so mysterious that for Winston she appears devoted about the Party. Main Protagonist suspects her of spying him for the Thought Police and for a moment he even considers killing her. But inside Julia hates the Party not less than Winston. The time she spent attending demonstration, distributing Junior Anti-Sex Leagues books and doing other things for the sake of Party was just a camouflage. However unlike the main character, Julia's life was much less complicated. She was rather a simple woman and her emotion towards the Party has strictly different character. She does not trouble herself about any changes in Oceania's history. ...read more.


This sign of protest against the system attracted him and "filled with a wild hope"20. The first time when they made a love has for those two characters strictly political meaning. "Their embrace had been a battle, the climax a Victory. It was a blow struck against the Party".21 However after so many times risking their lives to meet their relationship becomes much more emotional than even they would expect. When they went to O'Brien to find out whether the resistance really exist and to join the secret organisation, they were prepared to do everything for the conspiracy. But asked if they would separate and never see one another again, they both answered "No". After they have been arrested and separately taken to the Ministry of Love their desire seems to be what the Thought Police want most. Their feelings are so strong that the tortures takes months before Winston betray Julia. After their respective release they met again. But their relationship has been completely destroyed. They are not the same people any more; spiritless, physically broken. Winston notes that her waist is "no longer supple"22 and the body of a corpse suggest that Julia is dead, her personality has been beaten down as well as Winston, and they are just empty bodies now. In this essay I discussed the main characters of the "Nineteen Eighty-Four" book and tried to illustrate how the relationship between the main characters changes. 1 XVIII 2 XVIII 3 XX 4 3 5 6 4 7 46 8 9 10 142 11 138 12 126?? 13 12 14 13 15 27 16 64 17 111 18 115 19 132 20 131 21 133 22 ................. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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