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The secret life of Jake Waterstone.

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The secret life of Jake Waterstone "I can't wait! I just can't wait," said Jake as he ran out of the taxi. "Well you'll have to wait won't you," replied Jakes mum " Mum I know that I'm just so exited." "That will be �8.40 luv," said the taxi driver as he was retrieving the luggage from the boot. "Have a nice flight." As Jake's mum paid the driver, Jake strayed ahead wading his way through the expectant crowds. When Jake a step away from the ever-opening doors he heard a load echoing bark, an angry dog lunging towards him only to be pulled back by its owner. Startled by the vicious dog Jake staggered back, but in the process he tripped and fell backwards. ..."Come on boy have you found something," said officer Waterstone, with his dog sniffing vigorously at a small dog "Excuse me but what the hell is your dog doing." Demanded a large man wearing a long black leather coat "Well this particular dog is trained to pick up and follow the scent of a certain chemical given out by Bombs." ...read more.


"BEEP, everybody please put your seatbelts on as we are about to take off. Thank you." there was a loud rumble as the plane advanced to the runway. Jake could feel the plane picking up speed and suddenly the plane started to progress upwards into the sky and as the plane rose Jake felt his ears pop due to the quick change in atmospheric pressure. "BEEP, we are now safely in the air I will turn the seat belt sign off soon then you will be free to move about the plane. The entertainment will start in about 5 minutes." "I'm just going to the toilet mum, I'll be back in a few minutes." "Can I please get past mum, MUM." "Oh sorry Jake I was watching a film." as Jake struggled to get past his mum he saw that Star Ship Troopers had started, so he quickly sat down and turned on the screen "WERE GOING TO CRASH NOOOOO." ... Whaaa! Hold on tight. BOOM! "Where are we? Sarge? Sergeant Waterstone, come in," "Jackson I'm here," Jakes voice sounded distorted and distant. ...read more.


As he fired, the enemy planes went down like flies, one by one until one of the enemy's bullets hit Jake's plane. "Damn. They got us in the fuel tank," shouted Jakes co-pilot. As Jake struggled to keep the plane in the air his co-pilot was hysterically screaming "Were not going to make it were going to die." "Calm down we'll make it if I can just find a place to land, ah there's one. Now just shut up this is going to be difficult." Jake went into a steep dive, plunging to the earth. He pulled up and went into a landing position, but just as he got near the landing point his co-pilot shouted, "Were being followed by an enemy fighter pull up NOW." "I cant we have to land," shouted Jake. The enemy fighter suddenly let out a stream of bullets and as Jake tried to dodge them, one hit the engine." I don't think we'll make it," shouted Jake as he lost control... "Are you getting off or not," shouted Jakes mum. "Oh! Yeh OK." By James Bleakley 11o ...read more.

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