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The Shrewsbury Cemetery was a vast, rambling, long neglected, concluding resting place for the dead residents of this town, dating back a hundred years or so.

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There could not have been a gloomier day than the one in which we buried Granny. She had finally succumbed to the cruelty of Father Time and although her death was expected, it still managed to stir up emotions of disbelief and misery throughout our family. I couldn't help thinking that she'd always be there through the years, but the heartbreaking reality began to set in as we'd gathered on that bitter, murky, damp afternoon. The Shrewsbury Cemetery was a vast, rambling, long neglected, concluding resting place for the dead residents of this town, dating back a hundred years or so. Its irregular terrain was speckled with clusters of small hills and great scary trees whose enormous branches whistle an eerie song as the tough winter winds blew all the way through them. Headstones that were centuries old bore the barely legible, climate beaten inscriptions of the names of those dead, while floppy flowers ornamented the graves of those souls fortunate enough to have been remembered in recently by friends and family. Its ancient, corroded, rusty iron gates had given in to the cruel elements, and on gusty days swung back and forth, to a recognizable, rusty melody. ...read more.


I backed away as they advanced, and I fell down over some untamed grass. Hitting my head on a colossal tree root, I shouted out in pain, but my screams were silent. Looking up, I could see them slowly moving forward, surrounding me. Sensing that this was my very last chance to escape this awful horror. As I tried to stand I could noticed that my once supple legs had turned to lead and every one of my actions were carried out in a sluggish motion. They came closer and although they did not speak, their message was deafening. They screamed of their sorrow with me, and my judgment to discard the place they would call home for an eternity. They shouted of their annoyance and their inability to rest in peace until their dignity was restored. I managed to get to my knees, holding my hands over my ears, and I screamed out for pity and I cried. I had finally come to understand the fault of my self-centred ways. I tried to express this to them, but their rage continued at its deafening pace, and I finally rose to my feet. ...read more.


Grandma danced with Grandpa, the true love of her life. They had appeared in pristine form, so youthful and full of life. As they danced, the music was drowned out by the sound of soft applause, which seemed to grow louder as I turned in its direction. There was a crowd of gleaming, calm souls closed in on the lovely couple as they finished their dance. They were the deceased residents of Shrewsbury, the once sour ghosts were happy. They clapped and cheered as the couple took their bows. I hung my head down as the tears ran down my face. They were content now and this was their way of saying so. By the time I had picked my head back up, the applause grew even louder, and I opened my teary eyes to a sight that I will never forget. The whole crowd of happy peaceful souls, including Grandma and Grandpa, had turned in my direction and was applauding me! They cheered and they clapped, they were truly happy and at peace, and so was I. I rose up from my bow as the applause grew softer and they were gone, returning to their still, endless rest. The soft symphony was gone now too, replaced by the sounds of the lawn mowers. The End ...read more.

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