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The similarity between the appeals and aspects of car ads.

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The similarity between the appeals and aspects of car ads Advertising has several ways of getting into people's mind, such as ads in newspapers, magazines and TV. The ads in magazines can be very different in their appearance and their appeals to the consumer, but if we put together three products of the same kind, we will see that the objectives of each of the ads are really similar but they try to get peoples attention in different ways. All the ads I choose are from cars. But these are cars that are done for a certain group of people, with a good income and life status. There are different signs and symbols, and many important things in each ad, which sometimes are not seen by people, but have effects on people when they look at the ad. These three ads are from three different manufacturers and different publishers. All of them are trying to get the attention of the same type of people and with the same objective, making the people get the car, and that is why they concentrate in the same needs and aspects. ...read more.


An important thing in today's ads is the slogan or phrase that in some way rounds the idea of the car, as in Jaguar "The art of performance". Then we have Toyota's, where we have that the logo of it is not very important, and is in one of the corners of the page too, but in this case, the contrast of colors, and the light of the central and only picture hide it. The logo is very small and it is placed in the left-top corner of the ad. Despite this, we can see that Toyota does uses a kind of sign in this ad, giving a phrase that they always uses for their cars, which is "Get the feeling. Toyota." next to the logo. We can also see that there is people included next to the car. This only person, looks like rich, and only caring about washing his car, but with the detail that he is doing it with mineral water. ...read more.


They all are trying to get the same type of consumers, from a good economic position, that can afford having a car of this characteristics, and more important, of that high values. One of the common appeals we can find between them is the need for attention. The people, who are interested in these cars, are people of a high social class that in the first place, they care about their personal image, so they care about how they are seen by others. I can also see the need for escape in the three of the ads. It is very common that this kind of ads of cars have some photo of the car, and the car running and a landscape far away behind in an unknown place of the earth. This gives us the idea that the car is escaping from everything and all by himself alone. This is why the publishers try to concentrate in the backgrounds, position of the cars, and the most important thing, in the people, who will become the future owners of these potential cars. ...read more.

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