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The Speckled Band

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The Speckled Band This is a short story that is written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. At the time in which this short but very good story was written it was one of the first detective fiction story. This review of it will guide you through why it is a typical but very well written story. It includes the most famous detective in the world and is still a household name to this very day. The detectives name is Sherlock Holmes and has been written and read about for a number of decades. The main frame of the story is a lady called Helen Stoner who is worried about her life and comes to Sherlock for help and advice. Holmes with his partner Doctor Watson investigates Helens sisters death and hopes to find out the reason for this sinister crime. After looking and analysing the story it is evident that it has the right ingredients for a good detective fiction story. The ingredients that have been well placed into the story are a good opening. The opening starts with Sherlock waking up to his companion Watson and explaining that he is needed as a client is in deep worry. The other essential ingredients are drama, suspense a heroine or a such as Holmes as the hero and Helen stoner as the heroine. ...read more.


A damsel in distress is the main way of describing Helen Stoner. She is a young woman who has suffered from grey under not age but fear. She is under a typical situation when the stepfather has a scam that will benefit him even if it might involve killing. Helen seeks aid off the clever Sherlock Holmes as she has heard the word that Holmes is the best detective in England. She is hoping for a solution for her life-threatening problem. Not only is it that she knows Sherlock his a good detective but she has no one else to turn to. With her close relatives dead, her sister gone and her stepfather the source of all this aggravation, she has no choice but to come to this stranger whom she ahs never seen or spoken to. Another problem that is annoying her is that her stepfather is violent towards her this also puts more danger into the case. As Holmes examines her wrist she tells him that Dr Roylett had grasped her she explains, "he is hard man and perhaps he hardly knows his own strength." Although in this difficult matter the story would not be a story if the hero that is Detective Sherlock Holmes resolved the heroine's problems. The other typical feature or a heroine is that she is related to the victim of the murder. It was a close relationship between Helen and her sister. ...read more.


The clues are not always objects they can be people and their role in the whole mystery like what motive they have and why. The motive that drives Dr Roylett holds is a typical money scheme. If the daughters engages in marriage they receive 500 pounds, each which was a big amount in them days. So the plan that Roylett had in his devious mind was to kill both of them and collect the money himself and pay for the mortgage for the house. All of the clues may make a bit of sense to us like the ventilation vent above the bed but apart from that we cannot properly fit them together like Holmes can and he rounds up by telling us them and explaining how each one took its own role in the act of murder. He then tells Watson who is the narrator of the story, which then enables the reader to hear the final conclusion of it. My overall round up of it is that the story was well written and as I explained at the beginning it had the perfect ingredients for a good story. The thing that I liked most about it and what I like about in every story is the twist at the end. It was most certainly unexpected and how it was done was clever as well. As the Sherlock Holmes would say 'its elementary my dear Watson!' ...read more.

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