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The Spillage.

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The Spillage. Mother and Father were so excited. The brilliant new beige carpet in the living room was the highlight of the room which had just been decorated. I didn't think much of it, and if the truth be told I hated It because I wanted a green, football pitch colour carpet. I didn't hide this either. Mother and Father knew exactly how I felt about it, but I thought if they were happy then so be it. Alan, my best friend, had arranged for us to meet at the park on Saturday. I was really looking forward to it. We usually challenged each other as to who could go the highest on the swings. Alan usually won but that never stopped us from having fun. Just as I was getting my shoes on ready to go to the park, it started to rain. I'd never heard thunder rumbling so much. It sounded as if the earth was about to open up and suck everything towards the core. ...read more.


He left it on the table and we carried on playing. This time we thought we'd take turns at taking penalties at each other. The table was one post and the wall was the other. Alan went first and scored. I stepped up second. I thought I'd place it into the top corner, between the table and the shelf. I took my run up and blasted the ball. As it was a light ball it swerved around in the air a bit. It looked on target for the top corner. It then twitched a little towards the left. The ball was now going to hit the post, the table. It was heading straight for the Cola. My world froze for a split second. The ball hit the glass and in what seemed like slow motion at the time, the Cola splashed all over the new carpet. My first thought was that I, Eric Cantona, had let Manchester United down but then I realised what affect the Cola was causing. ...read more.


Nobody gave me a chance to tell them what had really happened. They just assumed the worst and I couldn't get a word in edgeways. It was late evening and I was feeling really hungry. I heard the floorboards outside my room creaking. I felt relieved. I thought finally Mother and Father had seen what had happened as an accident. Mother slowly opened the door. The landing light was switched off so I could only see her shadow but I knew it was her as I could make out her long hair and I could also see Father in the background but I could only see the side of his head as he was looking away. I the looked at Mother in sympathy. It was then when I realised that Mother and Father hadn't changed their minds about what they thought had happened. Neither Mother nor Father looked at me once. They didn't even spare as much as a glance. Mother walked out and shut the door. I heard Mother and Father muttering to each other quietly, as if they didn't want me to hear. They walked off and the footsteps became quieter and quieter until there was nothing. Faisal Hussein. 10SM/10P. ...read more.

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