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The struggle for identity in poems from different cultures

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The struggle for identity in poems from different cultures Identity is formed in many different ways, as explored through the six poems, Hurricane Hits England (HHE), Search for my Tongue (SFMT), Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan (PFMA), Half-Caste (HC) and Unrelated Incidents (UI). In HHE, for example, the poet looks at how identity is formed through location, as she has moved to a new country away from her previous residence, and is finding it hard to settle in and adjust. When a hurricane then visits her new home, she finds herself reminded of her previous abode, as shown with 'back- home cousin,' used to describe the hurricane. ...read more.


Another poem exploring the theme of fitting in is SFMT, in which the poet looks at how she feels as though she is leaving behind her first language, and how this is affecting her, as she dreams in her 'mother tongue,' and illustrates this through writing part of the poem in this language. However, she also compares her 'mother tongue,' which she appears to be trying to lose, to that of a flowering bud, which is beautiful imagery, and shows how she is perhaps hiding from her true self. Again, this explores the theme of trying to fit in, as the writer feels she must speak this new language to truly integrate herself into society, even though she is essentially the same person whatever language she speaks. ...read more.


HC does not use a particular dialect to make its point, although it does use some phoneticism, such as 'dat,' to show the way in which the narrator speaks. The poem explores how by being referred to as 'half-caste' makes the narrator feel like half a person, and therefore inferior to his peers. This is shown strongly through the imagery used in the poem, such as asking if when Tchaikovsky wrote his symphonies he used 'half a black key and half a white.' The poem explores how identity is formed strongly through race, and how being prejudiced to someone because of it can make them feel inferior. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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