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'The taming of the shrew' - Examine carefully your chosen scene and discuss how well in your view Shakespeare succeeds in presenting good theatre with a variety of dramatic situations in order to entertain his audience.

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'The taming of the shrew' Examine carefully your chosen scene and discuss how well in your view Shakespeare succeeds in presenting good theatre with a variety of dramatic situations in order to entertain his audience. Shakespeare wrote 'The Taming of the Shrew' towards the end of the 16th century. The play was aimed at all social classes, meaning that there had to be humour in the play to suit everyone's taste. The scene that I have chosen to examine is Act 5, Scene 2. Which is the last scene of the play. This scene follows on from Act 5, Scene 1 where Katherina has just reluctantly kissed Petruchio and Petruchio feels very pleased with the way everything has turned out. It then enters Act 5, Scene 2, where Lucentio is welcoming everyone to the banquet, which was being held to celebrate the three marriages. I chose to do this scene because I think that this scene rounds the play off nicely as nearly all of the characters are there in it and there are a variety of dramatic situations. ...read more.


Another incident which I found amusing was a few lines later on line 20 when the widow says "He that is giddy thinks the world turns round" Katherina seems intrigued by it and asks her what she meant by it, but the widow doesn't answer her question. Katherina repeats what the widow said and then in a stern voice says "I pray you tell me what you mean by that" and the widow replies with something quite mean. Katherina doesn't take it too well and the two women get into a slanging match, in which the two husbands are cheering their lady on. I found this amusing because the banquet was supposed to be a happy event not one in which they are all bickering with each other. Bianca and the other women get up and leave, Petruchio then proposes a wager that each husband will send for his wife to see which one will obey the quickest. Lucentio then begins the contest. Biondello is sent to get Bianca however she doesn't come "she is busy". ...read more.


As Petrucho is going to bed with Katherina he says to Lucentio "'twas I won the wager, though you hit the white, And being a winner, God give you good night" I think that it was amusing how he was saying to Lucentio, yes you got Bianca, the one they were both after, but I won the wager showing that Katherina is now more obedient towards men and does what they say, whereas Bianca didn't. This shows that Petruchio really is believing her act. I also liked the way he said "And being a winner" rubbing it in to Lucentio again, however he doesn't actually have the last laugh, the audience do because they know that Lucentio probably did get the best girl in the end. I think that rounds Petruchio's character off nicely because he thinks he is getting the last laugh, and proudly walks off stage smugly. So to conclude, I think that Shakespeare does a good job of entertaining his audience and keeping the humour varied to keep everyone happy. He manages to lower the tone in the play from 'jokey' to serious well. All through the play he uses lots of different types of humour and uses lots of dramatic devices to entertain further. Jennii Calder 10FF ...read more.

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