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The Tempest is the only comedy written by Shakespeare.

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The Tempest is the only comedy written by Shakespeare. It involves re-creation, renewal and rebirth but is not concerned with retribution or revenge. The play has a fairytale setting on a magical island and a man called Prospero with his daughter, Miranda encounter visitors on the island due to a major storm hence, 'The Tempest.' The story continues with Miranda falling in love with the son of her father's enemy and so Prospero is unsure whether to let his daughter and his enemy's son remain constant. The Tempest involves re-creation. I think this because, the island, virtually deserted, shows a very refreshing atmosphere, the setting itself is stimulating. Prospero shows a lot of pastime and experience. He is the focused magician, one associated with the Gods. ...read more.


The whole idea of a deserted island, in the centre of nowhere, clear skies and untouched vegetation shows a reborn island. The feeling can be described as renewal: a new beginning, fresh and clean. The dictionary describes 're-birth' as 'a new or second birth.' The Tempest involves re-birth because of the tone of such a refreshing atmosphere. The play also feels reborn because of Ariel, the 'airy Spirit.' She gives a very invigorating impression on the audience because she has magical powers as so does her owner, Prospero. Ariel shows a life that will never die, where, on the other hand, Prospero shows a long life already lived full of magic and wizardry. Both Prospero and Ariel combined show an everlasting life that feels reborn all of the time as it shows no past. ...read more.


Overall I think that The Tempest is a very different play written by Shakespeare. Mostly because of the amount of things representing good and evil. I think that one of the main factors showing the heavenly feeling is the language used by Shakespeare. It is similar in all of his plays, but the use of archaism in this play, especially represents a very heaven-like tone. When heaven is involved, revenge is not. Yet, when the ship is drawn ashore, Prospero shows how much he lives his life by his religion by staying calm about the situation. The people from the ship may show some hatred among themselves but Prospero only has pity on the hell raisers who do not live their life by their region. I think Shakespeare did a great job writing this play and I think it would have had a major effect on a lot of people. ...read more.

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