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The titanic - My story.

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English GCSE descriptive coursework! The titanic My story My name is Virginia Edith Ruth Brown, but as I tell my tale you will learn how I became known as Ginny for short. On the 12th of April 1912 I left home with my Great Aunt as my mother clamed "it's for the best your Aunt can give you far more than I can!" After kissing my mother I waved goodbye not knowing if I would see her again as I was of to start a new life with my Great Aunt in New York. As we arrived in Southampton all I remember seeing was the most magnificent sight I had ever been able to set my eyes on .The ship was enormous and the crowds were huge and as I didn't remember seeing a crowed so big, I wasn't so sure if my stern grey crystal eyes could withstand the sight. Once handing over are belongings, I remember turning to look once more before stepping inside the Titanic before my Great Aunt shouted for me to hurry along, even though I was wearing one of my new uncomfortable dresses and a great big pink hat to go with my outfit and high shoes. "One of the must have niceties for a first - class passenger" my aunt would go on as she had hand picked a whole new wardrobe for me before we came away. Once inside I ran out onto the deck along with the other 300 1st class passengers waving at who ever would wave back, before the ship set sail. ...read more.


Just before the meal was about to finish I remembered seeing him mouth "top deck 15 minutes" and then he left. So ten minutes later I excused myself from my Aunt and the pure luxury and sumptuous splendour to stand on the top deck. As I stepped out onto the deck I felt a shiver run down my spine, as I felt the chill of the night sea air hit me. Once on deck I turned to see the boy standing just to the right of the entrance I had come out of facing out towards the sea and the stars. As I was walking over it made me feel so nervous of what he would say or do. Once I reached him I turned not to look at him but at the sea too, as he hadn't made any attempt to face me. "The names Johnson, Daniel Frederick Johnson" said the boy "you" startling me at first. As I replied saying "Brown, Virginia Edith Ruth Brown" then Daniel as I now knew him by turned to me "that's a long name you know may I call u Ginny and I am Dan for short none of that nonsense over big long names you don't mind do you?" before I said "no Dan not at all" then we both started laughing "you have lovely hair you no and an amazing smile" said Dan turning again to look out over the sea. " Yes but you have the most beautiful eyes iv ever seen in my life just looking at them makes me feel like I am drowning". ...read more.


Screams went up and then came down till there was nothing but silence. After about 10 minuets many boats started going back that had less children in but because we had a lot of children we had a few more added from other boats to make room in them boats for survivors, then the other boats went for help. From our boat we could hear the whistling and shouting from the boats as the searched for saviours, but not much else I guessed not many were recovered from the water as there wasn't a lot of movement from the sea, we had waited too long. I cant remember what time it was or how long we had waited before we could see lights from another ship, rockets were being set off. That ship turned out to be the Capathria, that's when we knew we would be safe. Soon we were lifted up onto the Capathria and taken care of, our names were taken before we docked in New York on the 18th. Dan and his Mother found out devastating news about his Farther, he was not found. They went on to live with us as they had no money to them selves there money haven been in his Fathers name. Later I married Dan and came to live a normal life in New York with our two children we had together. My Aunt was Able to live in luxury and in two years time I will be returning to England with my family to reunite with my Mother. ...read more.

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