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The Truman show

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The Truman Show The influence of the media plays a mammoth role on today's society. The film, "The Truman Show", is a typical example of how the media influences us. Truman, a boy adopted at birth, is brought up in a world where the people around him are acting. Everybody in his world is actors. The film tells us the media can have a dramatic effect on what we do and say. Truman is a kind man who has everything perfect. He's cheerful, chirpy and got the sort of attitude that like there's not a care in the world. Truman has the world revolving around of him; usually nothing goes wrong. ...read more.


Rushmore, it is considerably smaller and Truman becomes suspicious. His mother said he slept all the way there. This is actually the media manipulating Truman. They deliberately set up a false model of MT. Rushmore and made him sleep. The journey would take hours, Truman was asleep. The place would be huge, it was far smaller. This is actually the media playing on Truman. This is so he will never question why he never goes on holiday. The false world Truman lives in is called "Sea haven"; it's an island. Sea Haven isn't actually a real island, it's actually a DOME! In the real world they have made a dome where Truman lives; Truman is unaware of this To Truman, He is living the American Dream. ...read more.


In some ways this relates to Big Brother. They are in a house where they can't leave and are monitored 24/7. Christof is like the director of the Truman Show. He controls the weather, places he goes and people he meets. His job is to make The Truman Show a hit TV reality show. The best example of Chistof manipulating Truman is when Christof gets rid of Truman's dad. He does this in a cruel, callous way in which mentally affects Truman. He makes Truman and his dad go on a trip on boat. The weather changes and his father want to go back. Truman insists on going on. The current gets stronger and Truman's dad loses his balance and falls out the boat. ...read more.

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