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The World.

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Adam-Luke Startin 10.4 The World After the dreamless sleep of eons, the time had come for him to awaken, to view what was known only as The World. He traversed the nothingness of the desolate area around him, aimlessly trying to find something, someone, anything. Yet isolation was all he found. The World was a place where the order of time was non-existent and all of intelligent life's technology was lost for all eternity, all under a veil of turmoil. The more he searched, the less he found. The only sound to be heard was the sound of skulls crushed under foot. Yet his pointless journey continued. He became more frantic; he wanted to find something, a flower, a butterfly, or someone he could socialize with. Still, nothingness was all he found, himself was all he could socialize with. He became scared even though there was nothing to be afraid of. Fear had consumed him, just like fear had consumed The World. He believed too, he would become just a number. ...read more.


'You are lost, are you not?' it muttered to him. He nervously nodded, not able to open his mouth to speak. He continued 'After many centuries of searching I have finally found the one I am looking for, the one I can call my own. You may not think you know me, however, you know me more than you think you believe, and more than you want to believe.' He was mystified. A figure he had never seen before that claimed to know him. It was too much for him. He started to back down, but then he saw someone behind the figure, someone he recognized. She was talking to someone, a figure just like him. 'Orta, you know her do you not? She came here, only recently, to meet her friend. Her friend Vertigo, who knew her, just like I know you.' He was mystified, 'Is this a dream, a nightmare?' He thought to himself. The figure stated 'This is not a dream. I am as real as you or Orta.' ...read more.


He raised his claw like limbs to lift the hood that covered its face. As the hood fell behind it, he winched in disgust as he saw what the hood was hiding. On his face he had, nothing. 'Victims of our own fear brought us here, there is no way out.' Isolation said with his none existent lips. He raised a boney finger towards the pillars of shadow and continued 'You humans fuel The World through your fears and phobias. They are non-existent, yet prove useful to us. You feed the The World, governed by Chaos our king and ruler, you keep it open. Our apparent existence is created by you. The endless walk you had when traveling here, you created it, you made it. Orta entered The World through the Clouds above you. Xenia entered The World through a car accident, on Earth. I am sorry but you will never return to the place of your origin.' They looked up into the sky together, observing at the beauteous gem in the sky they knew as Earth. Walking along memory beach together, they were soon talking and joking together as if they were long lost friends, walking to the end of time. ...read more.

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