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the worlds greatest

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The world's greatest It was a cold, crisp January morning as I ran along the icy roads. My breathing got heavier as I came to the big hill at the end of the road. As my legs started to cramp I made one last push and made it to the top of the hill. When I passed the traffic lights I had such a feeling of relief as I completed the twenty mile run. I knew I was ready, I knew it was my time. As I was sitting in my changing room, the only thought going through my head was 'if I win this I get a shot at the title.' I could think of nothing else, and when the knock came on the door I could hear the roar of the crowd as George Foreman entered the stadium and climbed into the ring. Then the lights went down and the spotlight was on me. As the announcer bellowed out my name I was making my advances on the ring. Whilst I climbed into the ring, we both stared each other until we were to take off our robes and come to the middle for our instructions. As we both went to the centre of the ring, Foreman came over and towered above me like a monster as we both touched gloves. Even his huge fists in his yellow mitts seemed to be monstrous compared to mine. ...read more.


The date that my big title match was set for was the sixteenth of July, and the venue was the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. As I woke up on the morning of the twentieth of February I looked at the calendar and realised I had only twenty weeks to prepare for Muhammad Ali. As I done the training from seven in the morning 'til nine at night, I kept pushing myself on for I told myself, this is it, 'you only get one shot, make it count'. As the sixteenth of July drew nearer I started to remember what I had done to get this far, all the hard work over the last five years all came down to this, fifteen rounds for the title of the world. Once again I found myself in the changing room waiting for the knock to come on my door. To my surprise when the knock came it was the one and only George Foreman. He came in, he took a chair and started to give me some good tips and pointers. He said, 'now don't be worried kid, I stood in the same ring as this man and I beat him. Then I lost the belt to 'smoking' Joe Frasier. Now you ended my career with one box, and you could do it again tonight but you have to be careful for he is a dangerous, speedy little demon. So kid, just go out and do your damned best. ...read more.


First I caught him where I did before and his eye stared to bleed again, then I followed up with three big hits with the right before finally cracking him over the jaw with my left. As he fell to the big blue sea of the matt, little did I know what was to happen next, just as Ali got back to his feet his manager threw in the towel and then the bell went, I was the champion of the world. Before I had time to realise fully what had happened I was surrounded by the press, my manager and a load of photographers. The flashes of the cameras blinded me as my left arm was raised as the title rested in my right hand. The unbelievable had happened, I had shocked the world, I had done the undoable, and I was champion of the world. Two years later I was still the champion of the world, I was the world's greatest. I went on to defend my title a record thirteen times in two years. In the fourteenth fight, my career was ended at the age of twenty-seven for I sustained un-repairable cell-membrane damage to my left eye when 'Smokin' Joe Frasier connected with it in the fifteenth round which left me in hospital for five weeks. The cell-membrane damage meant that if I got another hit on it I would be left blinded and that I could be left brain damaged for life. Now as I sit in my wheelchair staring at the wall seventy years later wondering was it all worth it. I still know I was the world's greatest ...read more.

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