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Theme of Violence in Wuthering Heights

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IOP My topic is the theme of violence in Wuthering Heights and what is its significance. It is an essential theme in the novel and it is vital to the characters personalities that they use violence to express their emotions. Wuthering heights is a story of two different houses Wuthering heights and Thrushcross Grange and its inhabitants. Both these houses are situated on the desolate and harsh moors of Yorkshire. Wuthering heights from the name itself it depicts a very strong, wild and a very passionate house, suggesting a cold unfriendly atmosphere. The Earnshaw family including Heathcliff lives in Wuthering Heights. The Earnshaw family including Heathcliff is depicted as a very stormy and also a very violent family as seen from the first chapter. From the way Heathcliff, Joseph and also Cathy received their new guest, Mr. Lockwood we can clearly see the rudeness in their character. The character of the inhabitants in WH is a contrast to those living in Thrushcross Grange. The people in Thrushcross Grange are in a way more civilized and calmer. ...read more.


Isabella even referred Heathcliff' nature as "devilish"(pg 172). Isabella is herself inclined towards Heathcliff's violence but not as capable of it. Heathcliff makes it his life's project to nurture Hareton in Brutality. In chapter 17 Heathcliff was locked out by Hindley and Hindley tried to kill him by stabbing him but when Isabella told him about Hindley's plan he immediately enter and started physically torturing Hindley by beating him up and badly injuring him. Thus physical torture again emphasizes the theme of violence. Heathcliff's violent character is shown even more chapter by chapter and he develops into a horrible person. In chapter 13 through Isabella's letter, she describes how Heathcliff has been treating her and how she has misjudged him and she regrets not hearing to her brother's advice in marrying a "devil" The theme of violence is not only shown in Heathcliff's character but also in other characters. We were also shown a violent side in Isabella's character. Isabella reacted violently as a result of being badly treated by heathcliff. She was often beaten and she was also not allowed to meet with Edgar or anyone else. She also lived like a slave. ...read more.


This shows the violent character in Hareton Earnshaw But overall Heathcliff is the most violent and fiery character in Wuthering Heights. He becomes violent from an early age and grows up to be bitter and angry probably because of the degrading way he was treated as he got older Violence play a strong role in Wuthering Heights and without it I don't think the novel would have much impact on those who read it. Although there is an extensive amount of violence in Wuthering Heights it is not portrayed as anything out of the ordinary. The story is written as though violence is acceptable. Violence is only mentioned as something unusual once in the whole novel by Nelly Dean in one chapter in which she comments on the diabolical violence...Wuthering Heights is a story of love and hate, good and evil. It focuses on the theme of evil and violence. Emily Bronte continues to shock the reader with scenes of violence and malevolence throughout the novel; however we sometimes expect that perhaps Heathcliff's character could contain a much softer side and that it is his frustrated love for Cathy that brings out the ferocity in him. ...read more.

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