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There’s an Answer To Everything Except ‘Why?

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THERE'S AN ANSWER TO EVERYTHING EXCEPT 'WHY?' As I closed the door behind me, I knew that life could never be the same again. I sprinted down the corridor. I couldn't run because my troubled mind tamed the pace. It was like in a nightmare where something dangerous is chasing you and you just cant run; where your legs flounder and turn to jelly. As I began to get faster the blood on my hands began to drip. I stopped and tried to clean my hands, tried to make them look normal but there was too much of the sickening sight and fresh blood began to tarnish the white floor. I knelt down and tried to clean it with my new pinafore but the smears and the smell made me feel ill. It was bad enough seeing my own blood dripping from me, but seeing someone else's was quite disturbing. Finally, I got up and reached the end of the corridor. I felt so dizzy and I could feel my heart pounding in my head. I stumbled down the front steps. The traces of the vile blood trailed behind me as I walked behind the wall. I had to be careful if the plan was still to succeed. ...read more.


To be honest it was quite amusing. 'Girls why did you do it?' she looked at Jen ' I didn't think you were like this, wait until your father hears about this.' Jen didn't seem to care, her father probably wouldn't have either. I haven't really known her family that long but I kind of got that impression. ' Yes and he's not going to find out is he!' 'Of course he shall. We are looking at murder here' I began to feel my blood boil I was getting angry at the annoying pig. ' Well maybe you will not be able to tell him, because you maybe you might not be alive.' Why did I say that? Jen looked at me, 'No' she whispered. ' Girls you're so pathetic' at that remark I couldn't help myself, I leaped up and grabbed her by her ratty hair and flung her head into the sink, put the plug in and turned the tap on. The water managed to build up to her eyes. She was splashing and spluttering about. 'Stop!' Jen demanded. I ignored her. She was making too much noise so I yanked her head back and slammed it on the sink. ...read more.


I screamed at her. ' Well I will soon, your father and I are getting married in spring.' I stood in silence; 'No way, he wouldn't dare.' She smirked at me ' Wouldn't he?' she showed me the ugly ring on her finger. I slapped her and she slapped me back even harder. I kicked her and she chased me to the kitchen. I picked up a knife, 'You wouldn't dare,' she gasped. My breathing was getting heavier, 'Oh wouldn't I?' She grabbed the phone and dialled 999. I tossed the phone away. Grabbing her by the neck, I forced the knife into her chest. She fell; blood came gargling out of her mouth. I stabbed her again, this time in her stomach. Her body was shaking and so was mine. Her eyes were writhing in her face. I looked up and realized the reality of it all. Police swarmed into the tiny blood stained kitchenette. They were all standing there with guns looking at me as if I were some creature waiting to be killed. I stood up. 'It is for your own good' I recognized the voice. I turned to find my dad looking at me. ' I read your diary'. I burst into tears. Why? Caroline Stephens 10F2 ...read more.

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