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Things I believe in and my ambitions.

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June 29, 2011 2008-96355 Devc 70 U-2L "I Believe" 1. I believe everything has a purpose. Everything God creates has a purpose, sometimes we just tend not to understand it. 2. I believe in everyone's right to be loved. Love or affection is not limited for those who are attractive and charismatic. Everyone should feel that no matter what their size, race and looks they have, they deserve to feel important. 3. I believe in equal justice. This is much applicable here in the Philippines. I do not want to grow old with the justice still favors only the rich. 4. I believe in banning of Twitter. Too many Filipinos are using this social networking site for no good. Some of the tweets are about criticizing other people that leads them to have a clash. 5. I believe in every woman's beauty. Some women have this mindset that men are attracted only with ideal and sexy type of girls. They should tell to themselves first that 'I am beautiful no matter what', they need to be confident for who they are. 6. I believe in social change. There are still a lot of things Philippines need to work out to become a fully developed country. But with discipline and sincerity, Filipinos can claim this positive change. ...read more.


We are unique in the eyes of God; therefore, we are beautiful in our own ways. Many individuals do not stop comparing themselves to others, which make them depressed. 19. I believe our greatest enemy is ourselves. We can be controlled by our fear; it is because of too much expectation from ourselves. Sometimes we need to have an in-depth realization of our strengths and weaknesses. 20. I believe in the Bible's credibility. I believe in the Lord, so there is nothing that I have to do to question every book in the Bible. Some people believe that what the Lord wants is our happiness. That is why they keep on fighting for same sex marriage, etc. At the first place, it is not about us, it is about God. If we choose to follow Him, we need to have sacrifices for ourselves. "My Eulogy" We were the happiest couple as I gave birth to our first child 20 years ago. She's not that pretty: with wide eyes, wide forehead and dark skin. But for us, she was the most beautiful baby ever born. Unlike any other child, she grew old as a home buddy. She rarely went out and played with other kids. ...read more.


By means of a retreat or camp, I want to help those teenagers realize what really is a purpose driven life.. 5. Build a free workshop for talented but poor Filipino young artists. When I was a kid, I wanted to attend those seminars and workshops about visual arts, but never had the chance because we're not that rich. I feel for those young people who never have the opportunity to enhance their talents. 6. Have a scholarship program. Every young Filipino deserves to be educated. I want to have a chance to change the lives of those individuals through a scholarship program. 7. Build a foundation for the orphans. Just like the elders, those poor orphans don't deserve to be dumped. 8. Be a UN Ambassador and visit Africa. I want to be an ambassador not only to be like Angelina Jolie, I also want to give my sincerity to those people who live in one of the poorest countries. 9. Have a livelihood program. Many people here in Los Ba´┐Żos are jobless. I think this program would best help my community. 10. Sell a fictional book that I made and then donate the proceeds. I enjoy doing fictional stories, to be much productive with this hobby, I thought of promoting my book and then donate the money to various foundations. ...read more.

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