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This essay is comparing how two texts about the "Britains got talent" show, communicate their ideas and perspectives. The first text is the "Britain's got talent" webpage and the second one is the Scotsman article

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Madalena ? assessment This essay is comparing how two texts about the Britain?s got talent show, communicate their ideas and perspectives. The first text is the Britain's got talent webpage and the second one is the Scotsman article. The webpage?s purpose is to inform people about the show and to suggest how fun and exciting it is. The webpage also recounts previous scenes and performances that occurred during an episode so that people can always go back and re-watch the acts that they most enjoyed. It is aiming at an audience of both genders, families who watch the show, people in the ages of 15 to their 40?s, people that don?t necessarily have a high education as it is very easy to read and navigate, but mostly it is aiming at people who watch the show regularly and want to see more of extra things. On the contrary, the Scotsman article is criticizing the Britain's got talent show. ...read more.


The predominant colours are the blues, reds and whites which are the colours of the British flag, which suggests that the webpage is very patriotic but also proud to be the host of this TV program. These bright colours also grab the reader?s attention straight away so the background colour is white so that it won?t distract attentions and the headings, text boxes, adverts are in the brighter colours so that they will contrast with the white and grab the eyes attention easily. On the other hand, the Scotsman article is approaching a serious subject and thinks that the show is not the best thing for people to watch as it is humiliating and also manipulating, and therefore does not use any colour at all. The text is in black colour font and there are no images to go with the article. This makes it more serious but also allows the reader to visualize what they are reading in their head in their own way and this might be more or maybe less that how it actually is in reality. ...read more.


Oppositely the article is communicating that the performers have no respect as the judges are there sitting very bored and waiting to go home as it does say ?tapping on their phones ? just waiting to jump on a private plane back to London?. Also that the performers have a very tough crowd and that they step on stage and are humiliated just like it is stated in the text ?real feelings hurt and dreams dashed to the cruel soundtrack of the laughter of 3,000 people?. In conclusion the articles are both similar as they are approaching the same topic but are different because they are approaching them in opposite directions. The Scotsman article is communicating the negative points about the show and the webpage is communicating the good points. The webpage thinks that it?s a amusing show and thsat it opens doors to a bright future of the contestants whereas the article implies that it a soul crushing experience and that you are surrounded by careless people. ...read more.

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