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This essay will be an exploration of the causes of Victor Frankenstein's downfall, and eventually his tragic fate, from the famous Mary Shelley novel 'Frankenstein'.

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English Coursework - Frankenstein This essay will be an exploration of the causes of Victor Frankenstein's downfall, and eventually his tragic fate, from the famous Mary Shelley novel 'Frankenstein'. There are several aspects of this novel that I need consider when writing about this tragedy, for example the style that Mary Shelley uses when producing the novel and the old English format of writing. At a first glance of the novel I feel that Victor is solely to blame for his own tragic death, as he was the man who put together the creature who eventually killed him because of the lack of emotion Victor had shown towards his creation. This novel deals with Victor Frankenstein's love of modern science, which he uses to construct a monstrous creature. As victor first sights his creature, he is quickly to reject his unsightly appearance. The monster become increasingly frustrated with his creator (Victor), and ultimately begins to murder the friends and family closest and dearest to Victor Frankenstein. The creation begins to feel a tremendous hatred towards the human race because of there prejudice. This hatred turns towards Victor's younger brother 'William', as he captures and kills his brother in cold blood. ...read more.


During Victor's time at university his work on the human anatomy began to take over his life. He began to shut him self away from the real world, his family and friends. As a result of his obsession and the death of his mother he looses his sense of reality. His obsession revolves around his want for worldwide fame and glory, is eventually to set up to become his fate, ' A new species would bless me as its creator and source '. Victor created this creature as a result of certain aspects of his past life and his ambitions for the future. The first aspect of Victor's creation of the creature was the arrogance and his hope for glory, fame and respect. He felt that he had been 'chosen' for the 'noble' task of re-creating human life. Frankenstein was a megalomaniac; he wanted to dedicate his life to rivalling God and his creations, this is shown as he uses lots of religious language during the creation, to emphasise his want ' I had selected his features as beautiful. Beautiful! Great God! '. Victor sees himself as a mother giving birth to life and assumes that the creature will love him and thank him for its birth. ...read more.


Mary Shelley is showing us that the causes of Victor's death were down to himself and his own actions. Victor's careless pursuit of scientific knowledge is partly to blame for his fate as he never, until his monster was created thought about the consequences. Victor's overstepping of human boundaries by defying God and going against nature is also partially to blame as, he again never considers the moral issues surrounding the recreation of people. Finally the main point of his fate was caused by his inability to love what he has given to live. Frankenstein only sees his creation for its inhuman looks and physical appearance, instead of the creature's personality and feelings; he only shows a one-dimensional view of the monster. Mary Shelley has given the novel a hidden message, this message is trying to put across the dangers of pride and egotism, as in the novel Victor feels that when he recreates life he will become world famous. The second message of this novel is that the careless use of science can become dangerous. Frankenstein not considering the consequences of his action is showing this careless use of science. Mary Shelley does not criticize this act of creation, but Victor is unwilling to accept responsibility, for his deeds. His creation only becomes a monster because of its rejection from humans and especially Victor Frankenstein. ...read more.

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