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This is set in a fairly large shop, clearly at the turn of the century (early 20th century); this is shown by the dcor.

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This is set in a fairly large shop, clearly at the turn of the century (early 20th century); this is shown by the d�cor. At one end of the shop (downstage) is a wooden shop-counter with a stall next to it. Sat on the stall is a grey haired man, in about his early 50's dressed in appropriate clothing for the period in time. He is reading a newspaper and has a monocle. There are lots of shelves with folded clothing and racks of dresses. It is clearly the woman's section of the shop. It has stairs, which go downwards, to indicate that it is larger than what the audience can see. There are a few assistants all aged in their twenties and thirties, all women and a few customers. Most of the customers are women except those with their husbands. There are also some screens for changing behind and mirrors. Two women enter the shop chatting. On of them (Mrs. Birling) is aged in her 50's and is wearing a hat, which she places on the hat-stand by the door as she enters. She also had a long coat that she places on the hat-stand and a long grey dress with a cream collar. The other woman (Sheila Birling) is in her early twenties. ...read more.


Sheila turns around to the rack behind them and picks up a sleeveless floral dress, it's long and has straps, which are around two inches wide. Sheila: Like this. It's lovely don't you think mother? Mrs Birling: Well Sheila, it's a bit, well- Eva: Revealing? Mrs Birling: Yes a tad. Sheila: I'd wear a shawl of course. Fetch me this in my size would you. She hands the dress to Eva. Eva: Large? Sheila: No, medium! Eva walks towards the counter where the stock room is. Can you believe the cheek of that girl? Miss Francis: I really don't suppose she was being rude Miss Birling, just helpful. This coursework from www.studentcentral.co.uk (http://www.studentcentral.co.uk/coursework/essays/2075.html) Reproduction or retransmission in whole or in part expressly prohibited Sheila: Well I don't like the tone she was using. Mrs Birling: Calm down Sheila, don't cause a scene. Sheila: I am not! Miss Francis: I'll go and see where Eva has got to. Miss Francis heads towards the stock room. wwda daw stdadaud eda dant cda endatral dacoda uk: Mrs Birling: Sheila dear, are you sure about this? I mean, I really don't think it's you kind of thing. Sheila: Who's kind of thing is it? That girl over there, that shop assistant, would she wear it? Mrs Birling: It's not that I just, well didn't think it was really your style. ...read more.


Manager: Yes I am. Sheila: I am Sheila Birling, my father is Mr Birling of Birling's Ltd. Manager: Yes Miss Birling. Sheila: I would like to make a complaint about one of the assistants working here. Manager: Oh? Sheila: Yes, she was very rude. She treated me badly and smirked because she didn't think that a dress suited me. Manager: Do you know her name? Sheila: No but she was a tall girl, brown hair, brown eyes, a very smug creature if I may say so. ygBfPMdF from ygBfPMdF student ygBfPMdF central ygBfPMdF co ygBfPMdF uk Manager: That was Eva Smith. She's a very good worker; I have never heard of any bad behaviour on her part before. How terribly out of character. Are you sure Miss Birling, that you have not been mistaken? Sheila: Very! And if you do not have her dismissed from this shop I shall have my father close his account here! Manager: Certainly Miss Birling, I never like to upset my customers. wwec ecw stececud eec ecnt cec enectral eccoec uk; Sheila: Good! Mrs Birling approaches them and takes Sheila's arm. Mrs Birling: Come along dear, I think you are rather tired. Sheila puts her hat and shawl on and picks-up her shopping bags. They leave the shop. Made available free online by www.studentcentral.co.uk. Reproduction in whole or in part expressly prohibited. (c) studentcentral.co.uk - www.studentcentral.co.uk. If this didn't help you, try Coursework.Info for over 14,000 GCSE, A-Level and University essays. ...read more.

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